Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Wars : thoughts and ramblings

While waiting for LJ to work again (It's been 3 days straight, I'm near the breaking point, well, they must be too so I'll just bear with it) I decided I'd use my time efficiently and continue watching Gurren Lagann (Kind of a bad idea for someone who doesn't like battles) along with a few movies I have missed in between a bit of work given my mother like ... destroying walls.
And I'm not even kidding.

So yesterday I watched Summer Wars, the story of Kenji and Natsuki, his crush, and her magical family.
In that society the whole world is connected through a network called OZ, normally supposed to be safer than anything else, except when a few people manage to crack the code, allowing unlimited access to OZ for an A.I. craving for knowledge. Obviously, things are going to be bad from there on.

I loved it. For the story between tradition and modernity but most of all for the crazy family that is Natsuki's.

More than a story about love or a fight against a machine for the survival of humanity to me it was a story about bonds, and that's what was touching and interesting.
The bond between friends, between family, between random acquaintances from long ago, and still there even if it's been a long time you talked to each other, and the bond between strangers off and on the internet.
I guess that's one thing I really liked about the movie, because so many people believe bonds formed on the internet are fake because we never met, yet these bonds were as powerful as the ones between Natsuki's family.