Saturday, July 9, 2011

[1st episodeS]Is the idol business a trend in animes?

All of that to say that since I'm incredibly lazy (I already didn't see the point of reviewing the first episodes of the continuations, or, do you want me to?) and since it happens, fact oh so rare, that we have TWO animes dealing with the same topic this season I decided I should just do a common first impression post for the both of them.

So The Idolm@aster and Uta Prince-sama etc (come on, give me SHORT titles) both have to do with the process of creating idols. The only difference is in the target, the first is adapted from a galge, thus full of girls, the second is adapted from an otome game, thus full of pretty boys.

To be honest, both of them are so full of characters I can't even remember them.
The way of introducing them in both is good though, UtaPri goes slowly and little by little, Idolm@ster went through the interview route, which would be good, if characters weren't so numerous.
All in all nothing to say, being adapted from games there's a character for each stereotype.

Strangely enough I prefer the music of The Idolm@aster over the one for UtaPri, which is weird, considering my usual fangirlism for male seiyuu, but it would seem Mamo-chan has just forgotten how to sing. Never thought that voice acting would be the thing I'd complain about the most for that anime, never.
I expected that kind of music and voice acting for The Idolm@aster so no surprise but I'm really disappointed by the songs in UtaPri, it's to the point it almost hurt my ears.
Special mention for troll!principal Norio Wakamoto in Utapri and Hochuu Ohtsuka in the Idolm@aster, no one told me, I almost choked on my coffee.

And the plot, well, the plot is simple, let's take everyone to idoldom!
Can't do any simpler than that, well UtaPri is a a bit more complicated, being told from the point of view of a girl and all, plus being set in a school, there obviously will be drama.

I'm not convinced, by any of them.
The Idolm@ster will have to do something for me to remember the characters and UtaPri will have to prove itself to be a bit more interesting than just being pretty. (at least it is pretty ^^)