Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top5 Anime music of Spring 2011

Character songs excluded obviously, because I have a few things sitting around I've been in love with and while waiting for the first show of the Summer Season to make their way to the internet (I should have watched Sacred Seven, it airs just after Tiger&Bunny, why, just why did mother decide to bother me at this moment? *sobs*)

As usual, I'm picky, very picky, so please bear with me?
I really wonder why I bother making a "top something" considering these are the only ones I liked.

Pandemic!! - Yondemasuyo Azazel-san (Aaaw so sad I couldn't find the full version on Youtube, instead, have some Miku!)

Kagerou - Sengoku Otome

Core Pride - Ao no Exorcist

Unity - Gosick

Fade - Deadman Wonderland 

And TWO bonus.
First, a cover of Tiger&Bunny's OP because the bassist is hilarious (and the vocalist pretty good)

And a violin cover of Magia (yeah I know it's from last season but it's too beautiful, even the vocals are good)