Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[1st episode]Sacred Seven

Rejoice! No rant on Uta no Prince-sama today!

Instead, let's rant about Sacred Seven, also known as the new Sunrise thing airing at 2:30am (Japanese time of course) right after Tiger&Bunny. (And yeah I remember the hours at which air my favorite anime, Japanese time,  my time, Finnish time (which isn't that hard to be honest), Singapore time and Kiko's time, who lives, somewhere in the US)
Anyway, so Sacred Seven, it's Sunrise, so the mandatory mechas are there, and a boy whose needed by some secret organization to save the world. And there are maids. A lot of them.

I have no real problem with the characters, to be honest I even like the main guy. Well ok he's the only one I really like. No wait, I like the talking stone. The upbeat classmate is pissing me off. Her friends are pissing me off even more. The probably main girl is the kind of girl who can't do anything only orders and then let others get hurt. And the other guy is plain and has basically no personnality.

Despite being not interested I originally intended to watch because FictionJunction sings the OP and let's face it, when it comes to Kajiura Yuki I'm an hopeless fangirl. Result? I don't like it, yet. I didn't like Magia either, I probably will come to like it later on, if I keep on watching the anime.
Liked the ED on the other hand.
The rest? Forgettable.

As for the story which could be the redeeming point, well, as I said in the summary it's the basic "boy needed to save the world" kind of setting. I don't really have anything against it, it's a typical shonen setting, I have watched enough of them to be able to bear it. The problem is that I don't see anything else beside that, maybe how he'll come to, finally, have friends and contorl himself? But if it's just that then it'll be boring.

So, did I like it? No.
Will I continue to watch it? Yes.
Why? Because last time I hated a first episode it turned out to be the first episodes of Madoka and Tiger&Bunny, both of which I've grown to like a lot. So will give Sacred Seven another chance. Only for next episode though, because even if I want to believe in Sunrise (except when it comes to character death) the level of boring I can stand has a limit.


  1. I admittedly started watching this because of "Stone Cold" (Fiction Junction) and Megumi Nakajima... Other than that, the designs are Geass-esque with some Casshern Sins/Megaman with GUI... Honestly, the story's premise felt weak when compared with the surprisingly good T&B

  2. Wonderful, I did the same.
    (and because it aired right after Tiger&Bunny and since I had nothing better to do I kept on watching ^^)

    Well, the main guy ended up having some kind of Geass in one of his eyes so ...
    But I agree, thought the same thing about Casshern Sins.

    T&B did feel weak at the first episode to be honest, but that really may be the worse first episode I've ever seen, it's like they closed their eyes and picked anime at random saying "oh seems cool, let's try to do it like this anime" again and again, until they thought it would please the most people.

  3. I saw the "unicorn", I laughed so hard xD It was so stupid.

    Hadn't been as bad as I expected... and yeah, some series turn out better in later episodes so giving the later episodes this one a chance too~

  4. See, told you!
    The problem is that it's not supposed to be stupid, that kinda makes me sad.

    In the end I've seen the next episode and I still don't know what to think of it.


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