Thursday, July 7, 2011

[1st episode]Kami-sama Dolls

Am I really the only person on the internet who's not watching BakaTest season 2?
Because no really, I feel lonely.

Anyway, topic of the day is Kami-sama Dolls, remember? The thing I said I wasn't too sure of watching because the girl on the picture just looked like a loli in a miko outfit and if it's just that then I won't like it? Looks like there's more to it. Like a bloody corpse in an elevator. And a silver haired villain. And people controlling Dolls who are Gods. But more importantly bloody corpseS.

So that Loli Miko (to be honest I only remember one name in that anime so you'll have to bear with me) is a very nice little sister, a bit too nice, and a bit too immature for the task she's been given, and a bit annoying too. Well, at least she doesn't hate her big brother (a.k.a. Main Character). Apparently Main Character did something he can't forgive himself for in the past and then tried to somehow escape from it. That's usually a kind of character I dislike but he seems to have balls when it comes to protect his sister so I'll let him get away with it from now. Then there's Love Interest who is, as the name I gave her probably told you, a typical love interest so not too much interesting for now.
Then comes villain, Aki, who apparently wants revenge and it apparently means killing, a lot. So I'm looking forward to what he'll do, he does seem a bit crazy but he also doesn't seem like much of a bad guy, I like him. (Obviously)

OP and ED are forgettable. I don't remember much of the music, but that's a good thing. Except for the themes of the Dolls, these are wonderfully creepy.
Seiyuu, well, I don't remember much of the cast except for Nobuhiko Okamoto who sounds just like Rin and should definitely stop singing, especially Linda Linda because first, I love that song, and second, Mamoru Miyano sings it better.

The plot on the other hand seems like a mix of Shi Ki and Higurashi, having to do with mysteries and secrets in a secluded village. I like the fact it's, for once, not set IN the village but in Tokyo, will probably make things more complicated but so much more interesting.
Looking forward to the second episode!


  1. "Am I really the only person on the internet who's not watching BakaTest season 2?"
    = No, haven't even seen the first season yet.

    Aki's my only reason for watching this series (actually, I only watch the scenes with him, the rest ignored).

    He's crazy, yay~

  2. Wonderful! I like you, actually, I did watch the first season but found it boring, thus I don't quite understand the fuss over the show.

    I'm in for the gore. So ...


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