Saturday, July 16, 2011

[1st episode]Dantalian no Shoka

After a few adventures involving getting lost in a city at 4am (who are you supposed to ask for the way at this hour?), meeting new friends and finding a metal vocalist moe (Yeah moe and yes it was a man, the females were both badass and sexy as hell but I digress), here is the last installment of the Summer 2011 1st episodes serie!

So Dantalian no Shoka is about yet another loli, needing yet another human to support her. Their goal is to seal dangerous books away this time.

So far we've seen two characters, the loli, Dalian, and the guy which name I don't remember yet. Loli is a bit of a tsundere, well she reminds me of Kuroneko, except she tries to act cute. At the same time, she's supposed to be some kind of demon, so I can understand she's not too used to live in the company of humans. Still, she has her good moments but also her bad in which she pisses me off.
The guy is surprinsingly badass. I thought he'd be yet another weak protagonist but he's fucking badass. I like him.

The OP and ED are not bad, I won't listen to them anymore afterwards but they're not too bad.
The music is lovely though, I've been impressed.
As for the seiyuu, strangely enough I do love Ono Daisuke as the guy, but Sawashiro Miyuki as the loli is still hard for me to bear. I'm not a fan of her "cute" roles. Not at all.

The plot is a bit generic, it's still two people teaming up to fight evil and so far, there hasn't been anything special, but it's pretty, not really Gainax like but pretty.
It won't be the most awesome anime of the season but still interesting enough for me to watch despite being overloaded.

And since I'm done the wrap-up post is coming tomorrow. Hopefully. Because right now I just finished watching Tiger&Bunny and my head is going crazy with theories. And it was sad too (then again, I'm being oversensitive with this anime)
*sobs* Yuri