Friday, July 8, 2011

[1st episode]Usagi Drop

I have something to tell you first, Blogger decided to change their settings, result, I am lost so I apologize if the post comes out weird.
Plus, it's not even in the right language anymore either, where the hell can I switch?
To sum up the situation : ZETSUBOUSHITAAAA!
Forgive me, since Kamiya Hiroshi is only in one show this season I need to create occasions for me to hear him, even if it's only in my head.

Well, before I started to ramble on pointless stuff I was trying to sum up Usagi Drop, one of this season's Noitamina show.
Daikichi, a 30 years old bachelor, comes home when his grand father dies, where he learns that said grand father has a 7 or something years old daughter. Obviously no one wants to take her home so he's pissed off and decides he would take care of her.

Characters are sweet, oooh so sweet, well, at least the two mains, because to be honest the other little girl is a brat and I understand Daikichi's desire to strangle her. The other characters don't appear much, just enough to be sure you don't like them. 
In the end, it's all done on purpose and it just makes things even cuter and more beautiful. Daikichi and Rin have no one else but each other. 

Didn't like the OP, nor the ED, as usual. 
And as for the seiyuu, I don't think I've recognized any voice and I think it's a good thing, it's easier to create emotions in people that way. 

The plot seems to be simple, Daikichi and Rin learning to live together as a parent and a child. 
Him doesn't seem to have much experience in living with someone, let alone to truly care for anything but his job. 
She has been abandonned by her own mother and her father was 79 years old, not exactly the right age to take care efficiently of a young child. 
That's what makes everything much more interesting. It's rare to see a father in anime, it's even rarer to see a father alive and taking care of his children. (Because honestly, isn't the dead father figure quite the trend lately? Not that it means there isn't any of them alive, say in AnoHana or Tiger&Bunny, but a lot of them are still dead or dies in the course of the show)
And you know what? It's beautiful and heartwarming.