Friday, July 8, 2011

[1st episode]No. 6

Here, let's continue with this season's Noitamina shows.
But before I wanted to share a bit of knowledge, a few days ago I finished an old Noitamina show, Paradise Kiss, I started on a whim, thinking it'll be very shoujoish and I've never seen more porn in a shoujo in my whole life. And I loved it. Kinda want to start watching Nana now ...

Well apparently No. 6 is a post apocalyptic sci fi (?) anime, probably revolving around the unlikely "friendship" of an escaped prisonner and a member of the intellectual elite of No. 6, the name of the area he's living in, sadly (or not so sadly since it makes up for more plot) that area and way of life are not as perfect as they seem to be.
(Understand that said inmates are probably used for things that Human Rights Watch would definitely not be happy about)

As usual, the characters, to be honest, I don't quite understand pretty boy number 1 (the smart one), it's night time, there's a typhoon raging outside and suddenly a boy he doesn't know, an inmate escapee, is threatenning to kills him and he doesn't care. No, instead he goes all "How do you do that?"
There's a limit to curiosity. And I know for sure that even I who's known to be hardly shocked by anything, would be dead scared.
Pretty boy number 2 on the other is a bit more interesting, at least he interests me, or better said, what he knows interests me.
As for their relationship, well, it's already a close one, as in, very close. And they've known each other for no more than 3 hours. Aaaw youngsters these days.

Nothing to comment on anything but my ears have been pleased by Kaji Yuki's performance, I wasn't sure I'd like him considering that usually it's either love or hate when it comes to him, but I'm satisfied.

For now the plot is left in the fog, we can suppose it'll be about Pretty Boy number 2 continuing to escape and Pretty Boy number 1 tagging along while discovering the secrets of No. 6.
Pretty much like Fractale, just without girls and it does seem a bit simpler.

Not an outstanding show but definitely interesting enough for me to continue watchning.