Monday, July 18, 2011

100th blog post : is that for real?

The title says it all, this is my 100th blog post over there, in more or less one year of anime blogging. (with a few pauses I agree with you)
It's not too bad, is it?
Well, at least I never thought I would hit that mark. I never thought I'd have faithful readers eithers, considering how much I suck at promoting but it doesn't really matter since I'd rather have a few readers I know well.

During the year I started to follow more shows than I ever did but still haven't managed to watch some classics everyone but me seems to have seen.

During the year the layout of this blog didn't change at all, I am thinking of changing it, I really am, but I am refraining to do so because it would be Tiger&Bunny related and I honestly don't need more excuses to obsess over it and I want to keep my fujoshi side in check
But I followed Pyro's example and installed intensedebate on my comments so I can finally reply to people so please if it messed anything up, tell me.

During the year I enjoyed anime more than ever and I actually enjoyed blogging more than ever, I feel like I've finally found what kind of posts suit me and what I like to write and that is a very good thing because that was the reason I never kept up with any themed blog before.

So thank you and let's hope I'll keep up for a long, loooong while!