Thursday, July 21, 2011

I think I have something against battle manga

Between a few attempts at getting how Google+ works (Because that's the "in" thing to do latley, isn't it?) I found myself reading my weekly batch of Shonen Jump stuff and today I, finally, realized something. I hate the battles.
And I'm not even talking about Bleach.

I'm by no means a specialist in battle manga, to be honest when I started to read manga I tried Naruto and stopped, I tried One Piece and stopped, read Bleach too and somehow continued, even liked it enough to start watching the anime. And stopped watching a few weeks later once I had caught up.
But one day I discovered Katekyo Hitman Reborn, it has mafia, like I could ever ignore this, and I have been following this for 3 years now.

That's when the huge revelation happened, at the end of the current arc during the closing chapter. I hate the battles. I really do.
Because you know, after facing such hardships, nearly dying a hundred times, doesn't the daily life feel empty? Doesn't it feel like it was all for nothing? Why no one died to start with if the enemy was so great?
That and the constant upgrades of whatever power they're using feeling ridiculous. And the fact it's so sudden you don't understand what's going on anymore.

You're probably wondering why I keep on reading/watching it if I hate the battles so much.
Well, first and to be honest, I fast forward the battle scenes.
And second there's more to some battle manga than just the battles. Take KHR for example (since it's my problem today), it started as a gag manga, not very funny but it still made me smile, and while some of the characters are annoying as hell (like, most of the main ones) there are some badass villains and a storyline that allows crazy theories.

To sum it up, I think she should just stop drawing/writing annoying battles and focus on the interesting parts instead, like, where did the Pastry Guardians go? What about Kawahira? The last Hell Ring? That strange new flame? The Vindice? Sho-chan? Spanner? Byakuran? THE VARIA?!

I was about to say the same about Kubo as well, but there isn't a single thing that interest me anymore, not even Ken-chan, thus I haven't read anything of it since the beginning of the new arc and I genuinely think he doesn't even like his own manga anymore.