Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The story of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and me

Once upon a time happened a fujoshi (me) who finished her THIRD BL anime. In more or less one year I managed to finish three BL animes. Does it say anything about me? Probably.
And what does it say you ask? That I love seiyuu too much for my own sanity.

So yeah, after my last two desastrous experiences with BL anime, I just HAD to do it again. Obviously.
A lot of girls around me were going about how awesome Sekaiichi Hatsukoi was. I'm curious so I asked what it was about, BL I was told. I frowned and said I wasn't interested then moved on.
But one day, someone whom I think starts to know me a bit too well told me Kamiya Hiroshi was in it. And then I said : Need. To. Watch. Now.

Obviously. He was the cause of the first disaster too. (The cause of the second was Hochuu Ohtsuka in case you were wondering)
In the end, did I like it? No. Did I hate it then? Well it's not like you could say that either.

Sure I wanted to just hit a few characters here and there.
Ok, I pretty much wanted to hit everyone. Except three of them, strangely enough. (Kamiya's character aside because he could be the worst asshole on earth I'd still like him) And god knows how important characters are in a show, I wanted to punch half of the main cast, so that is a problem and the reasons I only half watched a few episodes.

Second thing I didn't like? Art style and animation. As for the artstyle, well, it's pretty much a given I have a hate for pointy faces and shôjo like style so yeah, that was bad for my eyes, the colors were pretty toned down though, even all the pink of the office was easy to bear. As for the animation, ever litterally burst out laughing during a kiss scene? That's what happened to me at every one of them.

The story? Well it's about things like "I don't love him, I totally don't love him, there's no way I love hiiiiiim!" and "Do I love him?" "Am I good enough?" "I don't understand what's going on"
That kind of thing. And I don't like animes entirely based on love stories, they bore me.

To be fair, the seiyuu were great. Thankfully.
And it was sometimes funny, and I loved Onodera's inner monologues. He just re-ignited my dying respect for Kondo Takashi.

Morality of the story? You've just encountered a fujoshi who doesn't like BL animes. I think having gone through 3 of them is enough to be sure of that.


  1. This was the only show from the past season I actually liked XD
    It's okay, alot of fujoshi don't like actual BL series. I used to have a friend a long time ago who didn't either. While I like BL anime, a lot of BL manga are really boring or too silly ^^;

  2. You're just saying this because you didn't want to say cheesy XD
    But it's true now you mention it, there aren't a lot of shows that could be to your liking, maybe Gosick, did you try Gosick?


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