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Spring 2011 : Voices hit or miss!

Despite having been going to sleep later and later everyday, I've been finding myself a bit troubled when it came to actually falling asleep, hence my lovely brain going a bit crazy and it actually manages to find ideas for new blog posts. Granted, there are ideas that are definitely not fit for posts but still.

So today is the first installement of the seiyuu only report of the last season! Ok it's not finished, but I don't particulary think they'll suddenly introduce anything really new in that aspect. As usual, it's based on my tastes only, which are a bit peculiar, if not totally weird. (Though for seiyuu I have to say my tastes are pretty "normal" compared to other stuff)
Well whatever, here is my attempt to list what my ears liked or what they didn't, listed anime by anime, that I watch, wouldn't dare to judge something I am not watching. (But it's half of the season anyway so ...)
Oh and there's a deliberate order. Somehow.

I am not going to bother granted that there are pretty much at least a hundred characters.
Just now that Sugita Tomokazu is as awesome as usual and that Norio Wakamoto's and Hochuu Ohtsuka's characters should appear more often. But because I love them, it's not going to happen.

Deadman Wonderland
- Pretty much everyone has been miscast in this. I don't even know how to express my disappointment.
+ FukuJun, Suwabe Junichi and Kana Hanazawa are the only ones who actually fit their role and are at it.

Sengoku Otome
+/- This has only girls so, same problem as in KamiNomi, can't recognize them very well.
+/- They can sing though. Mostly. And they're cute

+ Seiyuu are the only real interest of the show and why I picked it up in the first place so ... (that and the fact I just realized that my guy friends from middle school are weirder than I thought they were)

Hanasaku Iroha 
- Omigawa Chiaki happens to be one of the seiyuu I hate
+ Nothing to report on anyone else

+/- Most girls voices are not recognizable enough. But my ears find a lot of girls seiyuu just plain, I really love 4 and I really hate 2. 
+ Hiro Shimono is good at this, switching from the nice and calm mode to the hysterical one. 

- I have more interest for side characters' voice actors than for the main roles. 
- What's the point of hiring Sawashiro Miyuki to say "dayum" every 3 seconds?
+ Sugita Tomokazu is awesome. 
+ Casting Takahashi Hiroki as the Great Demon Lord may have been the best idea ever. 

- Sawashiro Miyuki as Claudia, something is just not right. 
-/+ Kujou, I mean, he's plain, which is nice, but he should stand out more. 
+ Kiuchi Hidenobu, who doesn't get enough roles. 
+ Yuuki Aoi, never expected a single anime to change my views on her so much. She's absolutely incredible as Victorique. 

+ I have nothing to complain about. Just wanted to take the chance to say once more that Sakurai Takahiro is awesome.

+ Sakurai Takahiro and his acting are marvelous. 
+ Uchiyama Kouki (Kimimaro) who sounds just plain enough for Kimimaro and whose voice I love. 
+ Daisuke Hosomi (Mikuni) FINALLY HAS MORE ROLES! 

+ The cast is perfect. Just perfect. They all sound as normal as possible considering the circonstences. 
+ MAMORU MIYANO! It has gotten to the point I didn't even recognize him at first. Never thought he'd be able to pull it off so well. 

Yondemasu yo Azazel-san
+ Daisuke Namikawa is awesome. 
+ Kamiya Hiroshi is awesome
+ Onosaka Masaya is made for this kind of role
+ It has awesome surprises appearance such as Kazuya Nakai and ... Keiji Fujiwara

Ao no Exorcist 
- Ono Daisuke as Arthur (granted he hasn't even appeared yet but I'm not happy) it just doesn't fit the character.
-/+ Yuusa Kouji as Renzou Shima, I love his voice but it makes me feel like he's a villain. 
-/+ Kazuya Nakai as Bon, it's not bad per say, and it's exactly the kind of character I'm used to hear him voice, it's just that's something wrong with it. 
-/+ FukuJun as Yukio. Sorry, I love you, but you should have played Arthur. Yukio should have been voiced by ... Toyonaga Toshiyuki? Well someone more of his style at least. (And it's NOT because I miss him, granted, I would have been dead happy since popular anime = character song and I'm in love with his singing)
+ Kana Hanazawa as Shiemi. Note that they have the same haircut. And that I had predicted it! 
+ Nobuhiko Okamoto as Rin. Unexpected, REALLY unexpected considering he hasn't been really that active but he does a much better job than I thought he would. 
+ Keiji Fujiwara as Fujimoto because damn, badass and sweet all at the same time. Was totally wary of him at first, well, he's been Ladd, so ...
+ Kamiya Hiroshi as Mephisto. Who could better than him voice a plotting bastard? 

+ Yuusa Kouji as Yuri Petrov/Lunatic. Just the right amount of villain vibes and not villain vibes.
+ FUJIWARA KEIJI as Jake Martinez or the guy who just increased my suspicions on Maverick being the ultimate villain even more.
+ Kotobuki Minako, the girl who voices Tsumugi because she doesn't sound like at all like Tsumugi in this anime.
+ Morita Masakazu because I didn't like him before, still don't like him in any of his other roles but am totally in love as Barnaby.
+ Yuko Kaida because damn, her "Bonjour Heroes" is so incredibly erotic.
+ Tsuda Kenjiro as Fire Emblem because that guy is awesome, and he seems like such a fun person.
+ Hiroaki Hirata, granted, I didn't know him all that much before, just heard him in extracts of Pirate of the Carribeans Japanese version as Jack but I'm impressed, his voice goes up, and down, and it's gentle and not gentle the next second. Perfect. (and one day I'll give in and watch One Piece)
And have a bonus, + for Maaya Sakamoto, who doesn't appear in the anime but who voices Amamiya Tomoe, Kotetsu's tsundere meganeko wife, in the drama CD. (and you're not making me believe there's no relation with Mami Tomoe, nope, never)


  1. Maaya Sakamoto, who doesn't appear in the anime but who voices Amamiya Tomoe, Kotetsu's tsundere meganeko wife, in the drama CD. (and you're not making me believe there's no relation with Mami Tomoe, nope, never)

    WHAT?! his wife is alive in the drama cd's?! now I need to take some time to scour the net for a translation or two XD

  2. The drama CD is basically tells how they met in high school, so yup she's alive.

    I don't think I've seen a translation but quickly summarized, she was the class president and he was kind of a delinquent so she was pestering him about not paying attention and saw him writing up ideas for heroe's name and went "OMG I'm a fan of heroes!" and tried to help him coming up with names.
    Then Kotetsu's receive a challenge letter from THE big bad boss of all the school delinquents (who happens to be Antonio), obviously Kotetsu go since the letter said they were holding Tomoe hostage. He then discovers Antonio is a NEXT, they beat each other up but Kotetsu doesn't use his powers and when he asks where is Tomoe, Antonio doesn't know because in fact it was all the doing of his underlings. Then Kotetsu saves Tomoe from something I didn't get and he finally uses his powers, and Antonio goes "You were a NEXT too? Why didn't you use your powers?" and Kotetsu says "I decided my powers will be for saving people"
    And Antonio goes aaaw and they're all friends and everyone is happy.
    That's basically what happens XD
    (I talked too much? ^^)

  3. Thanks and sorry for the trouble for the summary >_<

    Antonio... that Rock Bison dude?! So he and Kotetsu have been buddies ever since? I find it surprising to have the delinquent and class president to get together. speaking of which, has it ever been mentioned of NEXT abilities being passed down from their parents? could Kotetsu's daughter be a NEXT?

  4. No problem at all! It's always a pleasure.

    Yup, they've been friends since highschool.
    You do? I don't really, I mean, I've been class president and always have been very good friends with the class delinquents. And Kotetsu's a good guy, delinquent or not.
    I have honestly no idea, but it's possible considering it's all a genetic mutation.
    But I suppose it's something that awakens before 9, so possible but unlikely in my opinion.
    Unless, it has something to do with puberty and/or there is another way to become a NEXT (which I think it's the case)


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