Saturday, June 25, 2011


Remember a few months ago the first episode of that awesome show called C aired, the one I thought was my favourite of the season? Well, it's not anymore. Not totally. (But that's only because I think Tiger&Bunny shouldn't count in the competition. It's just too awesome I feel like it wouldn't be fair to the other shows.)

So what was it about again? Basically battles with money and where you gamble your future on the fights, all of this orchestrated by some great unknown power.

Now what did I think about it? I don't know. I REALLY don't know.
It's the kind of ambitious serie that has everything to be awesome, a good plot, good characters, good voice acting, good music even if not very noticeable. So, what happened?

The only possible explanation is that it was just too ambitious for a 11 episode serie. But it's a shame.

I wanted to know more about assets. I wanted to know more about the Guild. More about Masakaki. More about how the district worked. I wanted to know what C is. I wanted to know about Kimimaro's father. About Jennifer's organization. About Mikuni. Just about how everything worked. About the effects on real life. About Hanabi. I wanted to know about the used up futures.
Well I just wanted a proper explanation.

I didn't understand everything, far from it, of that ending. As an episode I would have loved it. As an ending it just doesn't work. But as I've seen a lot of people wondering about it, so I guess it's still worth throwing my explanations/theories out there.
I still don't know who that strange guy might be but I got the feeling Kimimaro wasn't really part of the world anymore and that everything was just, simply, a reset.
Like, Kimimaro, Mikuni and others are just players in a game that can be resetted at any time and of which the rules could change at any times.
It felt that way to me.

So yeah I would have loved more explanations and I feel like I have been trolled. I am not happy but happy at the same time.

And I still don't know what to think about this anime ...


  1. This anime is just a shame. the ambition is good but it just fucked up as it nears the end. It's awaste of potential... I guess it's the one thing i'm truly pissed at. How can they waste this much potential considering how great this anime started... orz

  2. I'm pissed at that and at the lack of explanations of how everything works and what is going to happen now.
    Actually, I think I need another season. Strangely enough.
    Which won't happen. Obviously.


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