Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Season 2011 : Heads up!

I have tons of manga reviews to do but I keep on pushing them away, I just don't feel like writing them, then again I don't really feel like writing "serious" stuff lately and thus I reblog nonsense on Tumblr.
So, have the, rather small, especially compared to this season, collection of what I will be watching in summer. (Though it'll probably increase when it'll start because I'm just like that)
I'm pretty thankful a few of my favorite shows, such as Tiger&Bunny and AoEx, my TWO ultimate "OMG cannot wait a single minute more, need. To. Watch. The RAW. Now.", are going to continue though because it would have felt lonely. At best, there's one of these per season, I'm happy to get two, it helps my Japanese improving and there's never enough Mameshiba in the world, nor weird French. ANYWAY!

Here I go!
Will definitely watch and no one will prevent me from it! 
- Natsume Yuujinchou San : The first two seasons are in my favourite anime list for a reason, the manga is one of my favourite for a reason too, I am a fan of the main seiyuu and I absolutely love the music writer (it'll screw with my mind but I don't care!)
For those who have no idea about what it is, it's about a boy who can see yokai and his daily life. He gets attackes, he makes friends, and it's so incredibly sweet and peaceful despite everything. You definitely should check this out.

- The Idolm@aster : Ok, don't judge me? I kinda always like idol arcs in animes and I happen to be a sucker for "live" performances as well. So this one happens to hit all of these so I'm on it.

- R-15 : I read "porn" on the summary ...
(Oh god, am I still a girl? ^^)

- Kami-sama no Memo Chou : I read the summary, got interesting by the " NEET detective in pajamas" part, then checked the cast list, wasn't interesting enough to make it a must watch, then checked the music writer and was "OMG IWASAKI TAKU I MISSED YOU". So yeah, watching just for him. (because the detective "hiring" an assistant plot has been a bit overdone lately ^^)

- Nurarihyon no Mago : I've seen the first season, it went boring after 6 episodes, was awesome again at the end, so, like every Jump anime or nearly, it gets better afterwards. Hopefully.

- Dantalian no Shoka : Library? Book of demons? GET! And the artwork looks lovely.

- Usagi Drop : Noitamina anime are always a must watch. And it seems like a really sweet story.

- No.6 : Same as above. And I love science fiction.

- Uta no Prince-sama : I'm watching the Idolm@ster, I can't possibly ignore the one made for girls can I?
I'll probably regret it later but Norio Wakamoto makes everything worth the headache. (no, but honestly, anime adaptations from otome games are generally bad so ...)

Maybe if I'm bored, meaning it's not top priority but I'll at least check the first episode out : 
- Kamisama Dolls : From the look of it, it looks just weird and the miko attire screams fanservice, but I read "bloody corpse in an elevator in the summary" there's nothing much I can do against that can I?
And it has a nice cast so ...

- Nyanpire : There's something strangely appealing at the thought of seeing Date Masamume catified. If only he was voiced by someone else though.

- Sacred Seven : Sunrise has been pleasantly surprising me lately, the plot seems fun with their "memories changing the world" thing, the cast seems nice, but really? Naming characters, maids even, after seiyuu? That screams fanservice, and just by seeing the characters I can already more or less predict their behaviour, that's boring even before it starts.
BUT I'll check it out because it's Sunrise and because FictionJunction happens to be singing the OP.

- Nekogami Yaoyorozu : So that one deals with yokai and I like the two lead seiyuu so I'll at least check it out.

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée : The French my friends, the French!


  1. Natsume Yuujinchou San--> also waiting patiently for this one =D actually just biased by the main seiyuu--we know who already =DD

    And for the other anime... idk, I'll do research on the titles you mentioned. Oh, I also like Bakuman and it said that there will be its second season this year.

  2. Pff I know, that's the reason why I started it in the first place XD

    If I remember correctly the second season is set for October so we'll have to wait a bit more.

    Well from the look of it, there's nothing I'll get totally completely crazy about, it'll be a bit boring

  3. "R-15 : I read "porn" on the summary ...
    (Oh god, am I still a girl? ^^)"

    you are one AWSM GIRL!! XD

    Usagi Drop seem to be a highly anticipated series. If i'm not busy with work when the new season comes, i'm considering on jumping in the wagon and watch the popular picks by others XD

  4. Well, thank you! XD

    Ah, it is? I wasn't under the impression it was. Then again, my friends are mostly fusjoshi so I can already tell you the popular fujoshi picks!
    First is No.6, second is Natsume Yuujinchou.
    But I think Tiger&Bunny will hold first place, for a long, looooong time to come.

  5. Most of the series you mentioned are worth watching, but well this season will be hard to follow.

    Too much I want to watch...and the time is never enough :D

  6. I'd say that all seasons are hard to follow. XD

    This one seems OK but nothing exceptionnal, think I'll drop a few of these ones.


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