Monday, June 27, 2011


Far, far back in time (OK, April but human memory can be very short) an anime I didn't like appeared. And to be honest I shouldn't be surprised anymore that when I don't like a first episode I end up liking the serie.

So, let's go back, AnoHana it is, because I still don't remember the full title is mostly a story about friendship and  acceptance.

In the end, it's beautiful. The tearjerking kind of beautiful. And strangely realistic despite dealing with a ghost. Though that doesn't really matter anymore.
I'm not even sure of what I want to comment on either. Seiyuu were damn awesome, good enough to make me cry buckets.

The characters too are awesome, remember how I hated Anaru? I don't anymore. How she spoke to Tsuruko in the last episode impressed me very much. Yukiatsu has been painful to look at for how unwilling he was to get close to anyone but Memna. Tsuruko for how she was holding it the whole time, never slipping a word and always there from the sides. Poppo too for his neverending quest of seeing things capable of erasing what he saw on that day. Jintan too for not finding a way to move on after the death of probably the most two important women of his life. And Memna, longing for something she'll never have, yet trying her hardest to fullfill a promise made for the sake of her friends.
Memna's family too portrayed very realistic reactions.

I can't even say anything about the plot because everything was based on the characters and their interaction more than on what they were exactly doing. That's what drew me in. That's what I wanted to know more of. Wishes? Fireworks? I couldn't care less, all I wanted to see is how they would react to everything, whether or not they'd make up, laugh or fight.

In the end I cried (but I do cry for the strangest things lately, example, C) because it was sad yes, but beautiful.

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  1. This anime made me shed a tear or two. The drama have been consistent through and through and the conclusion, as cliche as it may seem, is very much authentic. a good touch, a great finale for this series


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