Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mid-season but not quite ramblings

Slight break of hiatus due to forced hollidays at old house. It's been a while actually but I've been stolen away by Tumblr (that thing is evil I swear)

Anyway, thought I'd do a mid-season recap since I have nothing better to do right now (and honestly don't feel like doing anything else either.) 
Mid-season is kind of a big word since it'll nearly be time to think about what I'm watching for next ^^

- Ao no Exorcist : Kinda mad at the filler episode so soon into the serie but I understand why it's there and it was entertaining (read : there was Mephisto) so I won't complain too much. 
Plus it's inspired by an omake in the manga and these are just too cute. Now, I hope they'll animate the undercover of volume 5 in which we can see Bon and his hairs after the shower. I've taken a liking in his hairs I cannot help it.
Also : MAMESHIBAAA! The lack of Mameshiba at one of another episode actually plunges my Twitter and my Tumblr dash in despair. 
Also, why making Matsudaira appear in the OP if he's not going to be in the anime, do you know he's my favourite character?

- C : It's turning to be even more interesting that I thought it'd be. Still my favouite show of the season and will stay in my top 5 favorite anime list for quite some time.

- Deadman Wonderland : Nope. We're not going to be friends. Something is lacking, something really important that could make it awesome is not there and I'm pissed off because I can't pinpoint what it is. 
And the cast, while being awesome in name, is in name only, most of the cast just don't fit their characters. So far, special mention to Suwabe Junichi as Tamaki, then again, he's perfect as twisted characters, same goes for FukuJun as Rokuro, I missed his deep voice, and the duality in Kana Hanazawa voice makes her perfect for Shiro. 
Aside from them, I really have a hard time with the cast.
- Steins;Gate : That too is turning more interesting than I thought. I don't really know how to express it but it's human, it shows friendship, it shows doubts and regrets, it shows how sometimes you're just placed in the middle of events you don't understand. It's really nice. 

- AnoHana : Wonderful character development in there. Wonderful story too. 

- Hyouge Mono : I've seen 4 episodes of this and prior knowledge of Japanese history and traditions is a must. Still kinda fun, too bad no one subs it.

- Yondemasu yo Azazel-san : Kamiya, Kamiya /chants
Also pleasantly surprised by the character development, especially in the last episodes. 

 - Kami Nomi : Better than the first season! Definitely better! 
Because it's more about Keima and less about the girls. I like Keima. 

Hen Zemi : It's nearly interesting. Well entertaining enough so I keep watching, I like(d) that yankee girl, better now that it's not always centered on the normal girl anymore.

Sengoku Otome : One day, maybe, they'll learn that plot in an ecchi anime is not a good idea. 
It's boring most of the time and too obvious they're trying too hard. I like yuri so /rejoices

The runner-ups, a.k.a. I didn't intend to watch because I watch too much stuff already but I'm hopeless so let's add a bit more. 

Tiger&Bunny : I take back what I said, there is plot, it makes me create weird theories (serious theories, there are less serious ones ^^)
And well, for a tons of other reasons I love this. Very much. A bit too much actually.

Hanasaku Iroha : Still never boring despite the boring situations. Hey a whole episode about how sick she is? Come on, anyone would have made it boring. Just not them.
Don't like Tohru's character development too much though ^^ (who would have thought? XD)

Beelzebub on the other hand is getting more and more boring every week and Gosick more and more interesting. Grévil in particular became more likeable.