Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #6

Courageously facing heat and battling against my fate of a construction worker/mechanic/cook/couch potatoe, I bring yet another recap of what happened this week!

As usual, spoilers for Usagi Drop, No.6, Dantalian no Shoka, Utapri and Idolm@ster. And Kami no Memochou, which section contains potential spoilers for next episode. Yeah. I'm awesome like that.

- Idolm@ster : Iori pisses me off. I didn't like this episode very much.

- Usagi Drop : Once again blown away by how perfectly are the issues handled.
Daikichi is my hero. Forever.
And he was soooo cute, it's like a school boy crush. So adorable. I want them to get together so badly now.

- No6 : It totally doesn't concern the anime and I think you're mostly away from all that shit but, in the fujoshi world, this is the hype show currently (Ok, one of them ^^) and you know what? I hate the fandom. First time it happened to me, usually I don't really care but I'm sick of people who think that BL is all there is to No6. I'm sick of being picked on because I happen to correct a spelling (of course I'm wrong, I'm French, why should I know how to spell a French name?), I'm sick of being hated on when I say I hate Shion and that I don't care what happens to their relationship. Remind me not to even try to have an intelligent conversation with this kind of people.
And now I finished my rant I wanted to say how this "amazing" episode (that's how nearly all of my friends described it) was not so amazing, since I have NO interest at all in their relationship. Ok, they may be interesting in terms of character growth but, I mean, we nearly got more informations, yet they stopped right in the middle and I wanted more informations goddamnit!

- Dantalian no Shoka : Kinda surprised not to see Dalian and Huey. Kinda disappointed by the whole tying up thing. I expected more. But I liked Flamberg.
Aside from this, well, guess there are more phantom books hunters with different purposes.
It makes it much more interesting but I wonder how they'll manage to include them in the story, well, it's more "how they'll manage to start a story, now".
But the more it goes the more I like the character design, especially for the girls.

- KamiMemo : I'm pissed.
I mean, there's a limit to how obvious you can get without spoiling the show.
I'd accept it if Narumi didn't get it, but seeing Alice going all "aaw it doesn't make sense" pissed me off. (Though obviously in the end she does get it and then goes an awesome, and very fake, cliffhanger)
They're dumb. All of them. Except Yondaime, but Yondaime's an idiot. An adorable idiot but an idiot nevertheless.
You know what's even worse, they might say stuff like "We're mock brothers!" and "I don't judge him like you do Narumi", they sure as hell don't trust him. At all.
If they did, they'd have found out much earlier.
Then again, (highlight to see my wonderful spoiler for next episode, I feel bad enough to spoil the ones that are out I'd never forgive myself if I spoilt the next too) who would have thought that Ishida Akira was in fact a gir?l

- UtaPri : I think I want to listen to more of this version of Amazing Grace. It's not my favorite ever, definitely not but it was probably the best song of the show so far.
Aside from this, everything is going according to keikaku.
And it's boring.

So, for those who'd feel sad about the lack of Tiger&Bunny, I haven't been able to find subs yet (*sobs*) and my RAW talk was becoming already huge and kinda off topic and since I'm waiting for the extract of that duet character song to air at the radio I thought I'd make a dedicated post later.