Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiger&Bunny #21 - Do you like Spandex?

And there I nearly thought I'd never get to make this post. Do you know how awful distractions are? Do you know of many of them there are? Worse of it all, and aside from the dreadful heat I'm facing at the moment, do you realize they've all been somehow related to Tiger&Bunny?
Before starting on the episode, and more, I have 3 facts I wanted to share.
1) I love the aftermath of Comiket. I really love it. Very much.
2) I love Tsuda Kenjiro too, very much. In fact I love all the radio shows that have to do with Tiger&Bunny, especially the ones with extracts of the character songs, which totally don't sound like them but are hilarious all the same Oh Baby I'm gonna save youuu
3) Don't you think raisins kinda look like Maverick's face? (and now you're never going to see them the same way anymore MWAHAHA!)

Anyway, back to the actual episode.
I honestly don't even know why I bother making a post about it because to be honest, I wasn't blown away. I mean, everything was more or less predictable.
While I have to admit I totally forgot about Ben (and I should have thought about him, I don't even know why I didn't after the mysterious disappearance of the preview pic), everything else went just as planned.

So, what's interesting in that episode in the end? I don't really know myself to be honest.
All I know is that it gave me incredibly conflicted feelings. The first (RAW) round left me giggling happily, the second round left me uneasy. Well, I still think Bunny will die so ...

On the other hand, Kotetsu finally came back to being himself, dumb but not too dumb. Dumb enough to be funny and not piss me off. This scene especially left me laughing for a few minutes.

Then the real shit happens and we get to meet the "new" Tiger, which is probably a robot.
Exactly as predicted Kotetsu almost got Karina to remember, almost because obviously it wouldn't be fun if they remembered now.
And, exactly as I predicted, Lunatic protects Kotetsu, gratifying us all about a wonderful talk about justice and ramblings about how he is the voice of Thanatos.

Then, more shit happens, while Kaede meets Maverick who affectionnaly pats her head and everyone but me was thinking how cool it was since now she has copied his powers (I was more thinking things such as "OMG OMG he's gonna abduct her, he's gonna abduct her")

All in all what really striked me in this episode is the general urgency. No one knows what he's doing, no one, but Kotetsu. Kinda, since well, it's Kotetsu.
It was an established fact before that Maverick's plan had a major flaw, the scale. (Its second being the fact he definitely wants Bunny to kill Kotetsu before the scale problem goes out of hands, and can he do it?)
With more time it would have been resolved, he could have gathered more people, he'd have thought of more people.
Ben too had no plan in mind, he was just looking for Kotetsu, Kaede's doing the same and see Lunatic? He's not wearing his cape, he was pressed by the time, he didn't bother. (Or he burnt it ^^)
It's a bit strange to see all these people normally calm to jump into things like that without thinking. I guess that's where my uneasy feeling comes from.

So, will Kaede saves the day next week?