Saturday, August 13, 2011

30 days seiyuu meme! Days 01-10

I've been sent that meme over at Tumblr so I thought I'd post it over there, you can never talk too much about seiyuu anyway ^^

Day 01: Your favorite male seiyuu

Kamiya Hiroshi! 
Doesn’t it come as a surprise?
Strangely enough I fell in love with him when I first heard Itoshiki Nozomu, I bet it’s quite unusual ^^

Day 02: Your least favorite male seiyuu

Kishio Daisuke. 
For no particular reason, I just really dislike his voice. 

Day 03: Your favorite female seiyuu
Can I say it's a tie between Kana Hanazawa and Maaya Sakamoto
It's a shame Kana Hanazawa is mostly cast on cutesy roles because she's so awesome with that deep voice of hers (Kuroneko I'm looking at you!) and I was so impressed by the variety of ranges she displayed as Shiro in Deadman Wonderland. Aaw want more psycho!Hanazawa. 
Maaya Sakamoto has even a wider range, she can do cute, she can do normal, she can do boys and the psycho kind too (damn, watch Hellsing Ultimate, she's only in the 4th episode, but damn, the presence <3)
They both can sing and they're both damn cute. So yeah, a tie!

Day 04: Your least favorite female seiyuu

Kobayashi Yuu, she's versatile too but her voice simply grates on my nerves, she should stick with voicing boys, my ears like that better. 

Day 05: A seiyuu you’d watch in anything
Any of my fave? Well, except if it means I have to watch One Piece, there my friends I declare it's off limit. But aside from OP and overly long series I'd watch anything for the seiyuus I love. Which isn't a bad thing in itself, I watched a lot of things I wasn't overly interested in and ended up loving in the end. 

Day 06: A seiyuu that always makes you laugh
Tsuda Kenjiro! That man is hilarious. Really, whenever I just hear him on free talks or see him during events he's always making me laugh, he's just so funny I can't help it. 

Day 07: The seiyuu you recognize the easiest
Well, if I know their name I recognize them more or less instantly, because it means I heard them in a lot of shows before and am familiar with their acting and their different tones. But I tend to recognize the ones I like the less even better.

Day 08: the seiyuu you recognize the hardest
Normally I should be able to tell at least that I already heard someone somewhere, even if I can't always name them, so it's not exactly that I don't recognize him, actually I do, except for this show, it's just that my ears spent one season of SoreMachi looking for hints to decide if yes it was him as the Obachan (and I'm still not sure) so it'll be Sakurai Takahiro 

Day 09: A seiyuu you’d rather not watch in anything
Let me take some times to decide who I hate more between Kishio Daisuke and Kobayashi Yuu and I'll tell you. Not that I have much of a choice though, they seem to be loved by everyone else so even if I don't like them I won't avoid a show I think I'd like. 

Day 10: A seiyuu that creeps you out
It's more a problem of acting and of being cast pretty much everywhere as THE villain but Hayami Shou is creepy. Especially if you have watched Sengoku Basara where he voices Akechi Mitsuhide who's pretty creepy even when he doesn't speak (no wonder he's my favorite warlord of the period ^^), if he was only the villain that would be OK, but no, he has to be a villain who cries things like "Aaw feels good, again, again" while being killed. So yeah, now he's forever creepy.
(I'd actually recommend the first season of said serie for his character only ^^)