Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #1

I was told elsewhere that my daily (or nearly daily) quick reviews were helpful, if only for reminding people to watch a show or another.
To be honest, I've been trying for more or less one year to come up with a way of sharing episodes impressions without the need to do a full post complete with screencaps. These take time. I'm lazy. 
So I think, considering the awful amount of things I watch, I'll do at least a bi-weekly review. Maybe even once every two days if I have the time, so things don't get too long. Because let's admit it, everyone's afraid of walls of text. 

- Ao no Exorcist : What have they done with the manga I love? There was much more blood in the manga, and Amaimon was effectively sent back to the Gehenna and they definitely didn't react even close to this at the news either. 
Oh well, next week goes back to the original storyline. Kinda. 

- Hanasaku Iroha : Finally a focus on Nako. She's adorable. 
I still don't understand how they manage to get along so well with Yuina though.
Still, I can't get over this.

- Ikoku Meiro no Croisée : Once again, Yune is adorable.
Every week, as a French, I feel like I should explain one thing or two, but, to me everything is normal, aside from the mistakes, so I never know what others might think strange.

- Nurarihyon : I loved this flashback arc very much, I'm sad it won't continue for much longer because the Supreme Commander was awesome! And very sexy ^^ Sorry but I do have some sort of girl side buried somewhere

- Gintama : Nothing much, your usual Gintama episode with a character commenting everything he finds strange in said episode. But it had Zura. And the Shinsengumi, sadly without Matsudaira.
And since they finished early they started next week episode, which looks like something I won't totally enjoy.

- Natsume : I never have anything to say about that show, it's never surprising but in a good way, the peaceful and heartwarming kind of way.
Even though this week was kinda gore, especially to Natsume's standards.

- Kamisama Dolls : This development is a bit unexpected. I don't understand why it's happening, I'm not exactly against it, if it means I can learn more, but I still don't understand. Guess I'll just have to wait until next week.

- Steins;Gate : I don't like Rukako's character. Does it tell you anything about my enjoyment of this episode?
Okabe was, once again, very awesome though.

See you hopefully on Sunday for the next installment!