Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #2

Man, already the second edition, and goddamn long on top of that. Forgive me?

- Usagi Drop : TOMOE! The mother is Tomoe! Same voice, same look, thankfully not the same personnality but damn I was surprised.
I still don't know what to think about her, she's strange and probably not really able to properly take care of a child but she's not a bad person.
Once again I found it very realistic in the way of dealing with Rin's feelings, the whole thing about her wanting to keep her name and refusing Daikichi's proposal is spot on.
Once again and as usual Daikichi was adorable.

- Penguindrum : KOYASU TAKEHITO! There was Koyasu Takehito! I missed him so much!
Well, that episode raised quite a few questions, here are some of my random thoughts :
*Yuri might have a diary, either one of her own or one mirroring Ringo's so she'd be able to take action before she does.
*No matter how you look at it, this Aquarium is definitely suspicious. Everyone has been there, everyone bought a souvenir related to the penguins, so, is this is the great headquarters of the ultimate penguin conspiracy?
*Related to the previous point, that penguin symbol appears a bit too much to be a coincidence, you won't make me believe they're not related in some way or another.
*Are their parents's disappearance somehow related with the Penguindrum?
*Is the diary really the Penguindrum? I'm under the impression Boshi-sama wasn't very eager to get her hands on it when she could do so.

- No.6 : This made me hungry. Again. Honestly, don't name animals after pastries, especially if I happen to LOVE those.

- Idolm@ster : Are there people who blog about this? What do they write on their entries?
Nothing really happens but cute girls doing cute things, this week was at the beach.
Well, I still like this better than a failed attempt at plot.

- UtaPri : Oooh wuch an unexpected plot twist. *insert sarcasm here*
That and the fact that Miyano's singing ability seem to decrease at every episode.
Well I do like that kind of totally unrealistic personnality disorder so I won't complain that much. It was like having Shizu-chan in Utapri. Kinda nice.

- Dantalian no Shoka : Dalian is a fujoshi. A real one. She even wants to write fanfics now. I approve!
On the other hand, this was pretty interesting, blood and stuff like that are totally my cup of tea.
I'm still wondering whether or not there will be more to the plot than just this.

- Beelzebub : I absolutely hate Daisuke Kishio. Sorry.
But these new characters are kinda interesting and I like the girls (which is really rare in a Jump serie)

- KamiMemo : Want me to ramble a bit more about my love for Yondaime and his underlings, who are, in my opnion, all absolutely adorable?
I like Narumi more and more at every episode but my love for Alice decreases at every episode.
I do wonder what's going to happen now, especially since that Renji guy seems to be somehow related to the Yondaime.

- Tiger&Bunny : I'm depressed. I knew it would turn like that and it's no fun at all if it turns how I predict it.
BUT it raised more questions, who else did he use his ability on? Samantha obviously but what if he used it on the other company presidents? On the mayor(s)? On Yuri?
In any case shit will happen because there's no way the connection between him and Ouroboros decreased over the years, meaning my theory of "Ouroboros controls the city" is still valid!
And I'm damn sad whenever something happens between them, the timing sucked.
And Scarf-tan appeared twice! Is this a sign she's the real head of Ouroboros? Is there a clone army of Scarf-tans? (I don't really believe it but at this point it wouldn't even be surprising ^^)

Aaand to celebrate the lack of Sacred Seven to rant about AND the release of Stone Cold's single, have a song!