Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #4

Despite mourning for the lack of Mawaru Penguindrum this week, thus creating a really hard to bear lack of material for my brain to go crazy over, obviously not helped by the lack of Shonen Jump (I hope Amano will still be high by next week) I have to say that these were quite the interesting few days, anime wise at least.
(Also, can I take a moment to say that, really, the internet is amazing, I'm starting to remember the various hollidays of everywhere in the world, it's kinda nice, it's like I'm celebrating something everyday ^^)

And since I realized I probably should put a spoiler warning here you go, possible spoilers for Usagi Drop, No.6, Idolmaster and Utapri should be normally free of them (since nothing much happens anyway ^^), Dantalian no Shoka, KamiMemo and most of all Tiger&Bunny.

-Usagi Drop : Can I say once again how fucking beautiful and adorable this show is?
I'm always impressed by how it flows easily, how that mangaka managed to mix daily life scenes with psychological struggles and how it doesn't feel at all forced.
And it always feels so real too.
Well, back to this episode, it's amusing how Rin reacts to the simplest things, how she instinctively knows people and is able to deduce things about them given how they react. I don't really know if it's because she really is mature or if it's because she naturally observe people a lot but it makes me want to know about her when she'll grow too.
Her relationship with Kouki is interesting too, she doesn't really know how to deal with other children and how they behave but she tries really hard and that's both admirable and really cute.
Last but not least, I HAVE A TREE TOO! And by seeing them grow you always remember the ones who planted them and you know everyone will remember you when you'll be gone and they'll look at it. That's why it's important for Rin, she doesn't want to forget and she doesn't want to be forgotten either, it's memory of the family she has and proof of her own existence.
(And I ended up writing a wall of text, I'm sorry)

-No.6 : They fight a bit too much, really. Well at least we didn't get to see Cravate so I wasn't hungry (now I am though ^^)
Every week raises more questions, well, that society is totalitarian (the first thing they do is get rid of every work of art, we knew about books, it's true for paintings too) but, who's the leader? Who serves as a leader? Who's the symbol of No.6? Mainly, what the hell is in that building?
It's obviously not as pretty as they make it to be. Was it really her grandmother who died? It seems that forming bonds with other isn't seen as a good thing, even if it's family.
Are these bees really dangerous or have they been released there by No.6 and its government, for whatever reason?
Actually, I think this would have been much better if focused rather on No.6 than on the relationships between the characters. And I'm now off re-reading Orwell's 1984. (Which you should do too if you like dystopias ^^)

- The Idolm@ster : There won't be any wall of text because, as usual, I really admire the ones who manage to blog about this, but this was overall a very enjoyable episode, if only because Maki is my personal favorite!

- Dantalian no Shoka : Yet another usual episode, though Huey didn't do as much as usual, well, at least they're making more people reading books?
I realized I have taken a liking to Huey though, which I didn't before.
Also, Viola has been modelled after THIS French person (so obviously I had to say it ^^)
But the best part of the episode was the preview. "Dalian, do all girls want to be tied up?"
I'm eagerly waiting for the next episode! (and I'm going to hell because yeah I do want to see it ^^ Both of them.)

- KamiMemo : Narumi is damn talented when it comes to get himself into a mess.
I'm kinda jealous of their tendancy to become sworn brothers with pretty much everyone, I want one too!
And we're left on a very good question, is Renji a bad guy or is he not?
I have the tendancy to think he is not, not totally at least.

- UtaPri : Please, could you stop to be so predictable of a show?
If you're going to get all serious (and so easily predictable) do the Hakuouki way, at least I'll have fun watching the others' reactions!

-Beelzebub : I am ... enjoying this.
A lot.
The Ishiyama delinquents are good guys!

- Tiger&Bunny : Ready for a wall of theories?
Well for the episode itself my reations ranged from "OMG OMG" to "I soooo saw it coming"
It almost made me like Maverick though (even for me, that's weird ^^)
Aside from Kotetsu being Kotetsu and making me facepalm more at every minute of the show (to be honest, I'm not even sure he finally understands what's going on and who's behind all this. Really, Kotetsu -__-) this was filled with so much tension, it's a bit scary how they manage to build up more and more tension and then you get the ending commercials and you're like "NOO, noo, not possible, don't stop" and then you get the preview and your head starts spinning because no really, will Kaede and Lunatic team up? Will Bunny really turns against Kotetsu? Why is this happening? That's too sad. It can't stop now. (and then you get Sacred Seven but that's another story, and you're changing channels anyway ^^)
That being said I really do think Kaede and Yuri will team up, or that at least Yuri will stand for Tiger because you know "I know there's no way you'd kill an innocent with that sense of justice of yours" and THAT INTERVIEW kinda confirms what I say (by the way, check their blog, not only are they nice girls but they translate a lot of Tiger&Bunny interviews and such)
On the other hand I can almost predict how it'll continue from now on. Lunatic killing Maverick or him killing himself, then on to a mysterious leader/Bunny/Kotetsu climax and Bunny taking a blow for Kotetsu too and maybe dying. And obviously everyone will regain their memories something like 2 episodes before the end.
(Theories subject to change depending on next episode obviously but so far it's how I see it)
Oh and Antonio's crush on Agnès is adorable! XD

Well before I leave, have a pic, the cover of their upcoming character song single. Because it's hilarious. Too bad they didn't put a bigger pic on the website. (And even though I heard an extract of Kotetsu's on the radio and it totally doesn't sound like Kotetsu ^^)