Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #8

Usually I'd find something clever to introduce my bi-weekly recap post but you know what? I have no idea today so guess I'll just leave you with a spoiler warning, as usual.

- No6 : I finally got plot. Granted, that wasn't the best plot either.
First it's confusing.
Second and more of a problem : it just seems too convenient. Everything seems too convenient. So Nezumi is the last survivor of an antic tribe (but is he really the only one?) who happens to be rescued by a guy who contributed to build No6 and who's also oh so by chance, an old friend of Shion's mother?
Yes. Sure.

- Usagi Drop : The feeling that damn, this is Tomoe cannot escape my brain. It's not particulary a bad thing, just a bit confusing. And, since I read the manga, I do like Masako much better. She's more likeable in the manga.

- Idolm@ster : You know, attracting troubles like that, it's too much. But it had Miki so ...

- PenguinDrum : This episode was a bit disappointing, in the sense that my brain didn't go as crazy as it did in the past.
On the other hand I wonder more and more about Yuri and her involvment in Project M.
I'm also starting to wonder if Tabuki isn't somehow the last male of some kind of alien specie. That would explain why is everyone so much over him and why he seems to be that important in that Project M thing.
But then, what exactly is Boshi-sama?
This point is a bit blurry in my mind so I'll get back to it later.
Oh, you probably don't care but, hearing Hayami Shou again and as the pervert of the episode was a delight to my ears. And totally giggle worthy.

- Dantalian no Shoka : So, they're going to totally ignore last week?
While this stays enjoyable, I can't help but being disappointed by the direction it's taking.
On the other hand, Dalian showed an interesting side of hers today, she was very cute, ... desu.

- KamiMemo : And once again my predictions come true. And once again I'm disappointed. I like to be surprised goddamnit!
On the other hand, Narumi had guts in this episode, for a change. It makes up for his stupidity. (even though it was part of his stupidity ^^)

- Tiger&Bunny : Once again, very predictable, but done right so it doesn't bother me that much.
So yeah, Kaede saves the day by using Maverick's power. And Kotetsu is so Kotetsu it hurts. He said it himself, going against all of them was suicidal.
But it was very painful to watch at the same time, especially the end. And that cliffhanger was even more painful.
On the other hand Saito surprised me, I love Saito! That hug was so adorable and his "hurry up and use my suit" was so perfect.
All I can do now is wait for next week, why isn't it Saturday yet?
(I don't even have any reason to want to be next Saturday, I haven't even have watched the subs ^^)
Oh, and Scarf-tan talked!

- UtaPri : If I were Haruka I wouldn't choose any of them. They're so selfish I wonder how they even hope she'll choose one of them.

- Beelzebub : I love that thing, so much. I don't even understand how I can love that so much.
Still, Oga and Tojo were awesome "So, can we fight now?" and Aoi "NO!"