Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuuu~ #7

I think I'm a bit disappointed by this batch of anime. Don't really know why. On the other hand, it's still hot as hell and my laptop is so old it cannot handle more than one anime episode at a time. Must be why I'm so pissed off.

- Nurarihyon no Mago : Aaw FukuJun you're so good!
Rikuo you're making me laugh so much.
And Yukionna's gonna get pissed.

- Hanasaku Iroha : Aaw finally Okami-san makes her move!
But that was beautiful, her talk about not letting the other be alone was so beautiful.
Too bad that this is only something you can do when both party agrees to it. And I'm still not convinced by their couple ^^

- Ao no Exorcist : Despite being useless that was one of the most interesting episode in a while.
And the reference to Working! was really cute.
And Rin got the bunny plushie!

- Gintama : Please. No more Jugem.

- IkoMei : I can't decide if Camille is really mean or not.
But it would seem that I was right, she's in love with Claude.

- Natsume : Aaaw the shota fox is back!
And these episodes are always so adorable!

- Kami-sama Dolls : For once, I like Hibino. We don't understand exactly the same thing.
I miss Kuuko. I could have said the same thing about "the darkness in Kyohei's mind". Except I was convinced he took part in the slaughter in the beginning.
You know what? Thinking back, I would have liked it better if I was right.

- Steins;Gate : Fuck, this one was the most painful and sad so far.
Now, the great question is : will Makise betray them and go to CERN?