Friday, August 5, 2011

Sometimes, annoying characters don't ruin a show : To Aru Majutsu no Index

Long story short, I started to watch To Aru Majutsu no Index one year ago or something like that, went through the 10 first episodes and then decided Index was too annoying for me to follow this.
How wrong I was.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows already and that I was one of the last to jump on the bandwagon BUT To Aru Majutsu no Index is, as you couldn't guess from the title, originally a light novel about a boy called Kamijo Touma who happens to be both very unfortunate (his words) and who's right hand is inhabited by a power called Imagine Breaker that can nullify pretty much every kind of magic and special ability.
Add to this the fact that he just cannot ignore someone who needs help, the first and bigger pain in the ass being Index, and obviously, it calls for troubles.

I was honestly very happy to see the incredible amount of easily recognizeable and easy to remember characters, not to mention the very important part played by Biribiri a.k.a. Railgun a.k.a. Misaka Mikoto (I LOVED her in Railgun)
As I already mentionned, I hated Index, I didn't particulary like Kanzaki or Stiyl but I didn't hate them either. I just liked it better when they weren't there.
To be honest I liked the anime better when it wasn't related to the various churches so I guess it's understandable.

Surprisingly enough I found Touma to be a good protagonist, you know, normally that kind of person throwing themselves into troubles and willing to do anything to save the world and such, they're pissing me off. Not him.
Probably because he's one of the few heroes who never ever gets a power boost.
Also got interested by Tsuchimikado, a lot, I'm really, really curious about him, who he is and such, but more than anything I want to know who he's spying for. If he really is a member of the Kamijo faction, , what the hell he's trying to do now. Everything. He's probably one of the most mysterious character of the show.

Last but not least, how about I ramble a bit about my favorite character?
I've been very surprised when I looked around but it would appear I'm not the only one to love Accelerator quite a lot. His character development was especially well done and he has an interesting personality. And he's voiced by Nobuhiro Okamoto, which I never thought would be so great.
And it's very creepy, even by my standards but he and Last Order are definitely too cute together.

This post is already too long and I haven't even started on the plot.
Well, it has a lot of different arcs, it covers quite the large range, some of them having to do with fighting against oddities, against bad magicians, against a church and its desire for power, it has light hearted dates, several slaughters (I like these ^^), cute moments, dark moments, complicated plots and simple storylines.
Which is why it's so great.

Now that I talked about my love for this show I shall depart, reading the light novel and silently wishing for a third season. (Or a second of Railgun, I won't be picky ^^)