Friday, August 19, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 06 : Dead but Alive.

I realized half way through my huge recap bi-weekly post that this was becoming too much, so Mawaru Penguindrum will have its separate post for once.
Beware for major spoilers and character over-analysis. About Ringo, I cannot really do that for the others, yet at least, but I'll be glad if you could at least read what I wrote about her and tell me your opinions?

We finally got a little more informations on the diary and how it works. On the other hand it also shed much more light on Ringo's character and yeah, I love her. And we still don't know the goal of that girl, nor anything really relevant to the Penguindrum. As usual, I'll throw theories out there.

*The diary was Momoka's, Ringo's sister who died a mysterious death, so, Ringo's fate is Momoka's fantasies from when she was in elementary school. She was an extremely precocious child but that's perfectly realistic and thus I accept this explanation. (Ok, that's because I had one too -___-)
That doesn't really give more informations on whether or not it is really the Penguindrum. Nor if it is the only Penguindrum.

*Ringo's family was destroyed over that death, which, once again, is perfectly realistic. And I understand her behaviour much better now. It's logical, her family is suffering because of her sister's death, her family puts her sister's death before her and she becomes almost invisible, or worse, a reminder of the one who's not alive anymore. So, since apparently she feels that her existence is so forgettable, she decides to become another person. Jealousy between siblings is common, fighting for your parents' attention is common, but, how do you compete with someone who's dead? You can't. Either way you'd loose.
So Ringo strives to become her dead sister, to make everyone happy, so that her family will love her and they'll be able to be happy together again.
Except, except that half way through, the focus changed. She wanted to become like her sister so much that she followed exactly everything as she wanted it to be in the future and she was a girl in love, a girl in love forgets everything else and that's how her parents ceased to really exist in her mind, becoming mere concepts.
Hence the plushies.
Want to know something? She needs help. Definitely.

*Is Kanba real? I mean, a previous episode already hinted that Himari was able to create illusions, so I wouldn't be surprised.
Or worse, does someone/thing want to make him disappear and make everyone believe he was an illusion?
Since that girl is getting rid of the memories of him in everyone (help, Maverick is everywhere!)
Maybe the price to pay for the mysterious penguin money he has been given is his existence itself. Bits by bits, with every cent he uses, he disappears a little more from the world?
He wasn't even there during the Seizon Senryaku.

*Last but not least Boshi-sama said something very interesting at the end, she said "another survival strategy"
Does she mean she wants to search for another way to stay alive aside from the Penguindrum?
Or did she mean there were others being like her doing the same?
(Also, hearing her talking about hentai like that and the emphasis on her crotch was priceless ^^)

To leave you with a funny note (See what I did there?) and a pic, which made me laugh despite everything said about Ringo ...