Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 15 - Freudism paradise

Driven by my hope of finally learning Yuri's secret and, well, learning something, anything really, I jumped right into this week's episode of Mawaru Penguindrum. What I got is, once again, more theories and fail French, which got me wondering, did you understand it?

She is once again the Queen of the episode, to the point I start to be a bit sick of her, but nevermind, she's more interesting than I thought.

To start with, I don't quite understand her logic. She wants to revive Momoka, that much is easily understandable, but how?
Why trying to rape Ringo and then not go through with it when she could? Is she trying to get Momoka's spirit to possess Ringo? How does she intend on reviving Momoka in the first place?
Well whatever, to me, this part of the anime lacks some necessary logic.

As for her father, I guess I'll start by saying the obvious : he's a psychopath. He has all the symptoms, the lack of strong emotions, the abuse, the egocentrism, the anti-social behaviour.
I am not really sure about what exactly he did to Yuri, I am wondering about exactly he did to her body (though, if the incredible amounts of phallic objects is relevant, well, he probably raped her), but he obviously messed up with her mind.
And last but not least, whether she's a boy or not, who knows? Yuri is both a girl's and a boy's name in the first place. Also, judging from her father's apparent obsession for ancient greek style art and how Greeks viewed homosexual love as purer than straight (because it's not tainted by the need of breeding) then it's totally possible he wanted to turn her into a boy.

The Takakura 

I wanted to skip the section for today but I wanted to say how cute Shoma's love for Ringo was and how adorable the two idols were with their gifts.
Though it makes me wonder more and more about their relationships and how it's relevant to the plot. Just like it makes me wonder more and more about who Sanetoshi really is and his motives.
I'm still convinced he's in love with Himari/Boshi-sama though.

The diary, Momoka and Tabuki

I bet you wonder why Tabuki is interesting as far as this episode is concerned since he didn't appears. That's exactly why.

Exactly, Tabuki wasn't there, he was supposed to be there, didn't he go to school with Momoka? And if he went there with her in the mornings then why didn't he go home with her at night too?
Where the hell is he?

In any case, hello there Momoka, glad to know you and your pink hair, very natural colour indeed. She somehow reminded me of Haruhi except that Momoka knows she has the power to change the world.
She was the first owner of the diary of Fate, which has the power, not of predicting the future but of changing it and such power comes with a price, so, who did she make disappear/appear for her to loose her life?
I first thought about saving Tabuki's life, but, she nearly died for saving Yuri (and making a building and a person disappear) there's no way she was going to completely die for saving Tabuki, the scale is not as big. So, what has she done? And if she had that power, why didn't she prevent the attack in the subway? Is there another Penguindrum/diary that could have countered her?

Which leads to the next question, is it possible for the Takakura parents' disappearance to be caused by a diary? Could it be Tabuki's doing? He had the diary. He had the injuries. He obviously used it, so, is he the one who wrote everything Ringo was religiously following? Because he loved Momoka, and he wanted to have her back, thus trying to turn Ringo into her dead sister by using his knowledge to his advantage?

In the end and once again all I have is even more questions than when I started. Great Penguindrum. Really great.