Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[1st episode]Kimi to Boku

As excited as I was for the Fall season to start, I think I might be going overboard and will start to drown very soon.

So, Kimi to Boku, the summary is quite easy : cute boys talking with each others.
It's not even about doing stuff, well, they did stuff, but they mostly talked.

The plot is non-existent. I should have known, it's a slice of life. As it's only their first week of school I think I'll let it get away with that. It's an introduction self, they're using it to introduce the characters.
Or so I try to convince me. I hope it wasn't introducing the general atmosphere of the anime or I'll fall asleep trying to follow.
I was talked into trying to watch this before it aired by people saying the manga was cute and funny.
I smiled more at MajiKoi.

Usually that kind of anime is light hearted too. Kimi to Boku isn't. Apparently these high schoolers were already casually talking about death among themselves in pre-school.
For some reasons the atmosphere felt heavy.

The cast isn't bad, there's Kouki Miyata who was Kimimaro in C and Toyonaga Toshiyuki who never gets enough roles among other talented people.

Might be dropped by next episode if it doesn't pick up. I wouldn't mind an all male K-On, at all actually, but at least make it light hearted? Or go all out into the depressing stuff, or, I don't know, make me laugh how a comedy is supposed to?
Well, do something? Anything. Really.