Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #24

Before tomorrow's "Halloween" special let me present you with yet another edition of my crazy watchlist!

- Persona 4 : The best episode since the first one but I'm still starting to get tired of seeing the same patter over and over.

- Un- Go : Kazamori was moe. Yes you read right.
Still, I'd like to know who the cullprit was.

- BokuTomo : I had been warned Rika's fetish were scary but in the end I didn't really care, but she's definitely more talented than Sena at reading "litterature"

- Idolm@ster : I don't like Makoto.

- Mawaru Penguindrum : I fail to see the relevance to the overall story. Sure I like to know more about Masako's past but how is this tied to the story?
Also, her father totally looks like Claire Stanfieled from Baccano! I sure hope he has the same voice.

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Still don't like that couple.

- Bakuman : Hiramaru is the highlight of the episode. I'm happy we're starting to get into the storyline where he's threatened by Yoshida.
I'm sad we're going to enter the hospital arc, was kinda boring.

- Fate/Zero : Finally Ryuunosuke and Caster appeared! I'm sooo thrilled by the fact he's going to go for Saber in that way (you know Bluebeard's story don't you?)
And Iskandar was sooo fucking badass AND adorable, and how he stood for Waver against his teacher and I just love him! I love them! It's so surprising but they're wonderful, the perfect team ever.
Well whatever, I just love this anime.

- Working : It's funny how all I can think about when this anime is mentionned is Yamada. I initially started to watch because of Soma and his seiyuu, now my heroin is Yamada.
And the manager because just like her "I like almost everyone who gives me food"

- Ben-To : I liked the fights. But that's pretty much all there was to it. I do hope they won't continue to introduce more and more characters at every episode because it takes away the fun.

- Beelzebub : The worst cliffhanger in the story of that serie.

- HunterxHunter : I'm still not much of a fan but I am drawn to the story. And Namikawa Daisuke is awesome. It changes from his other (numerous) roles this season. I like this kind of voice better.