Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[1st episode]Gundam AGE

No matter how many times I read or write it, I misread that title as "Vanishing Age" every. Single. Time.
It's the sign I miss Star Driver a bit too much.

Anyway, have the first impression post of Gundam AGE, the newest edition of the popular franchise.
The story is pretty much the same as always, a young boy and his Gundam are supposed to save the world!

Unfortunately for this edition (or fortunately because it can be damn confusing) it doesn't seem that the show has all the political implications the others had, for now things are clear, we know who're the good guys and we know who're the bad guys.
But since we're in a Gundam I can't help but wonder if everything is exactly as it seems.
I know it's supposed to be kids friendly and such (though I wonder when it airs exactly) but I'm pretty sure there's more to it than meets the eyes.

I'm not going to spend time talking about how unbelievable it all is that Flit is so much smarter than everyone (including the top military commanders), more skilled than everyone etc. He's just a bit too special.
At least in the other Gundams there was some kind of explanation as to why the pilots were chosen (in Wing the scientists just took the most skilled people they could find around and in 00 it was all Veda's calculations)
Well, Flit is chosen because he's the son of the last Gundam makers but I don't see how it's a valid reason and it definitely isn't a good lesson for children (I thought we said it was aimed at children)

I don't like the character design, nor the mecha design and, as far as seiyuu are concerned, the only very notable thing is how Flit is Toshii. I love Toshii! I'm glad he's finally in something I can watch again!

In the end, while something just isn't right with this anime I'm just going to turn off my brain and enjoy.
It's less boring than Seed and UC so ...