Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall 2011 : the (huge) wrap up post

As I have finally gotten my hands on everything I wanted to watch (except Coppelion but I shall assume the project is dead or delayed) have the final recap of what I'm going to watch and how much I love them! (or not) (Truth be told, I find myself hardly captivated by anything, it'll thus be a matter of what I don't dislike as much as the others. And the reason why I watch so many? Hope I'll find something amazing. I'm hopeless.)

THE top 3 favorite (a.k.a. watch if you want to live)
3 - Un-Go 
A detective story that seems good (it didn't even bother me to figure out who the culprit was before the crime was actually comitted, mark the date!) and surnatural put together. It's like Yondemasuyo Azazel-san the serious version. 

2 - Fate/Zero 
It came as a surprise since I didn't like Fate/Stay Night that much but this is really enjoyable, I finally figured out what Noble Phantasms were and what it was all about. It's also very creepy and characters are somehow deeper and more interesting than in the sequel. 

1 - Working 2
Their antics never cease to amuse me and the more I see Yamada the happier I am. 

The guilty pleasure(s) (a.k.a. Don't judge me but these are so bad they're addictive)
- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2
As much as Onodera deserves to die a painful death, he somehow manages to amuse me. It's a very bad BL and a very good comedy. (Actually, the kiss scenes are the funniest)

- Ben-To
The more I facepalm at the stupidity of the show, the more I seem to enjoy it. Go figure. 

It could have made it to the top 3 but ... (a.k.a. I'd like to discuss these with you but it's OK if you're not into it)
- Last Exile etc
Seems like a good fantasy anime, in the same vein as Fractale, I hope the end will be better though. 

- Persona 4 
The second episode bore me to death. I don't really understand what happened there but yeah, as much as I loved the first episode the second was a bit boring. 

- Bakuman 2 
As much as I love it, I know the manga nearly by heart, and the anime is really heavier on the love stuff, I'm not much of a fan of love stories. 

- Mirai Nikki
Same as above. I've finished the manga and I know everything that'll happen, which makes me look forward to the love stories (yeah, miracle happens)

- Tamayura Hitotose
It has the big drawback of being a slice of life, a genre I don't particulary affectionate and that needs to be perfectly done for me to like, so I'll stay forever wary. 

- Guilty Crown
Still wondering how they'll make things work from now on. I hope their writers are good. 

- Phi Brain 
It has good moments but also boring ones and somehow feels ridiculous. But I like Gallileo!

- Gundam AGE 
It was less boring than UC but less awesome than 00.

I don't even know why I'm watching this (a.k.a. no but seriously, I don't)
- Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
It is a harem anime. And the second episode was boring. Sadly. But the characters are itneresting.

- Chihayafuru
I don't like love stories damnit.

- HunterxHunter
I fail to see anything worth mentionning, it's entertaining at least?

- Kimi to Boku
I count the cats instead of focusing on the anime, slice of life done wrong. (Though it is better with the new character)

Dropped (a.k.a. Damn, I am less masochistic than I thought)
- Horizon
I can't look at this anymore, it hurts.

Harem anime done wrong, it had lots of guys in the cast too, why not use them more? It would have been much better.
To be honest, the only thing worth anything at all in the anime is the very first minute. (Concumber anyone? /shot)

17 this season.
With continuations from before I'm now following 22 anime. Help?