Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 14 - Is Yuri into yuri?

It feels quite strange to write this that late, but hey, life happens?
And in the end, the episode wasn't even that shocking/interesting/full of revelations. Well it didn't make my head go as crazy as it did the past weeks.

Anyway, I have a few, very few points to explore. First, for once, Lily Hoshino's illustration didn't make me imagine things. It was all drawn by her. (I had no idea she could do yuri that well <3)
But aside from this and more seriously.


While I was pretty sure she had an hidden agenda, I didn't think it was this twisted.
From the beginning of the episode I am now convinced she is a man.
I thought for a good half of the episode that she was in fact Momoka but no, she's/was just in love with her, in a very very Ringo-like fashion on top of that.
On the other hand I understand where it comes from, more than I understood Ringo's stalker tendancies.

I now wonder two very interesting things :
- Will Shoma save Ringo? (Or someone else? Tabuki? Masako in her mission to fetch the diary?) Because as much as my perverted side wants to see it there's no way they'll make the story goes toward this route.
- Did she consume her marriage with Tabuki? If they didn't , well, Tabuki is even more suspicious than I thought. But if they did I am curious of her reaction to her "true self".

The Takakura.

*Shoma and Ringo were adorable. The more it goes the sadder I feel for them, obviously they'd be outcasted and avoided by everyone. And now Shoma finally found an outsider he actually cared for (more like : was forced to care for) he had to realize his parents killed her sister and obviously he can't imagine she'd really want to stay his friend.
Their fate is sad.

*Himari finally finished the scarves and, well, the two idols were wearing scarves of their color in the last ED, I kinda knew it.
On the other hand, the more it goes the more I think there's something else between her and Sanetoshi. He looked overjoyed to have them, and who else would be more than a lover?

*Kanba is really really involved with shady people. Masako was incredibly sexy.

And Kanba on the other hand is everything but a gentleman when it comes to his sister sake, he even hit a girl.
That part in the train convinced me there are more than one organization involved, the guys giving the money to Kanba aren't the ones who gave Masako her weapon, she'd have no reason to try killing them otherwise.