Monday, October 3, 2011

[1st episode]Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle

First of the two new Saturday night Sunrise anime (or so I assume, which reminds me, I missed Hoshizora Sunrise yesterday, I like that radio show) have the review of the first episode of Phi Brain.

Apparently, this is the story of a young man, Daimon Kaito, great fan and genius at solving puzzle. One day the president of the student council and puzzle club gives him a mobile device that leads him to an unsolvable puzzle that he solves anyway (obviously, he's the genius protagonist) thus gaining access to the power of his Phi Brain (that apparently makes him even more of a genius).

Plot is interesting, at least it got me more interested than the average Sunrise first episodes, the whole concept of solving puzzles to make the plot advance is quite interesting.
That first episode made me think about a Zelda game, finding your way through the dungeon, then acquiring your prize, but oh god another brain teaser to solve and you can finally get out of the place.
These were my favorite parts of the games. Of course I'd like to see the same concept in an anime, it's quite a shame we can't take part in the solving process though, it goes too fast and they don't really present the viewer with enough elements to do so, but since they don't make it obvious either I'm happy.

There's not really anything worth to note about the characters so far, the principal and the student council president obviously have a not-so-hidden agenda. The main character seems like an average delinquent and the main girl like an average main protagonist best friend.
Apparently next week we will discover the character voiced by FukuJun, who, judging from the voice he used in the preview, will be quite an interesting fellow.
I'll be looking forward to it.

So far, and aside from Bakuman which got me fangirling for a very shallow reason, Phi Brain is one of my favorite show of the season.
And the music writer should get more jobs! He's damn good.