Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #21

You know, aside from my crazy list, Genshiken is a great anime!

- Nurarihyon no Mago : I like Kubinashi all crazy like that <3

- Mirai Nikki : Aaw Ninth <3
That was a short commentary o_O

- Last Exile : Feel too lazy to make a whole post but I like that, reminds me of a mix of Fractale and Gundam. I'm interested!

- Kimi to Boku : 23 cats.
But it was also the most interesting episode so far. And I now know my favorite character is Kaname.

- Gintama : Adorable! Kagura was adorable. Their relationship is adorable!

- MajiKoi : Dropped. As much as I enjoy myself during the first 30 seconds of the show I can't watch this if only 30 seconds are worth watching (and even there "worth watching" is subject to discussions ^^)

- Phi Brain : I want Gammon and Nonoha to get together damnit! They'd be such a cute couple!

- Chihayafuru : Kazuya Nakai was priceless in that one.
And now we'll get back to present days. High school days. Do.Not. Want.
They were damn cute as kids.

- Tamayura Hitotose : I definitely like this!
I have only one complain to make : can I have the recipes? These anime where they cook and no one thinks of giving us the recipe are pissing me off, the only "official" recipe I've ever seen is, strangely enough, for Tiger&Bunny. The rest is all fanmade.
By the way, since we're on the topic, is Yumeiro Pâtissière worth it?

- Working : Yamada <3 (And for the record, it's the first time ever I squee so much over an anime girl o_O)
Though Nazuna is much more talented at manipulating people, I now want to see her manipulating Souma!