Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer 2011 - The end

And with this come the end of the Summer 2011 season.
With the end of a season come the final impressions post.
Want to know something? It's a disaster.

I tried to come up with a top 3 and this is what I got. All 3 being 24-episodes anime, 2 of which having debuted in Spring already, thus not really belonging there either, but the situation is that dire.
3 - Mawaru Penguindrum
2 - Steins;Gate
1 - Tiger&Bunny
They all got their dedicated posts already and Penguindrum is the first anime I ever felt the need to blog almost weekly. I'll leave it at one more thing before I move on to the other stuff and attempt to rank them, these 3 anime are awesome. Watch them. 

For the rest, well, you're familiar with my Crazy anime watchlist corner, then you know what to expect, the rest of the post will be huge. 

13 - Sacred Seven
First time ever I dropped an anime halfway through the season. Should tell everything. 

12 - Utapri
I expected it to suck and so it did. No big deal. Was watching only for the seiyuu anyway. 

11 - Idolm@ster
I expected it to be exactly what it is, watching this only for mindless entertainment, not very interesting but not boring enough to drop. Yeah, mindless entertainment. 

10 - KamiMemo
On the other hand I had great hopes for that one. I lost all of them during the Hison arc, not only do I hate predictability but I hate it even more when they think the viewers are idiots. 
I would have been ready to forgive them everything, really, if only it didn't have that much of a promising first episode. That's why it's so low, because I felt like they wasted the potential. 

09 - Ikoku Meiro no Croisée 
A cute story about a cute girl trying to get used to a new country. 
There's nothing more to it. 
And, while I was super excited to see my country portrayed in an anime, I think that cringing at all the inaccuracies and misconceptions kinda ruined it a bit for me. And well, I live there, even worse, I've seen the real Galeries du Roi, it's not really exotic or anything. 

08 - Nurarihyon no Mago
I have a yokai bias. And I can't help it, it has a lot of great seiyuu and the fights aren't as boring as they could be. It's enjoyable but there's really nothing more to it. 

07 - Ao no Exorcist
Loved the manga. Very much and, while some parts of the anime were a bit shitty (even when you do forget the fact these were an original storyline) it was still entertaining? Not the wonderful anime it could have been and definitely not a faithful adaptation but it has so little material to work on that it was a given from the start.
Could have been better. And the extra Mameshiba helped greatly my enjoyment of the last episode.  

06 - Kami-sama Dolls 
If you forget the last episode and the lack of answers we got it was an interesting anime and a fun ride. 
Just lacked something I still haven't pinpointed to be really awesome (like, say, ... answers)

05 - Hanasaku Iroha
Despite being quite weak in terms of plot and character develpement, along with me being quite adverse to slice of life anime most of the time, I still found myself enjoying this. Not the best thing ever but still quite nice if you have time to spend. 

04 - No6
It was a nice 10 episodes serie! 
Would have been better with more answers and less useless scenes, which, considering it had only 10 episodes would have been a nice idea. It's quite sad because if it would have gone a "realistic" way with less emphasis on the characters and more on the city it could have been great. 
What, you're saying there was a 11th episode? Where the hell did you get this from? ... 

03 - Dantalian no Shoka
Despite the fact I'm still wondering what the hell was the point to this anime, if I take the episodes as separate 20min mini-movies it's actually quite nice. 
Once again, not the very best out there, but still has enough entertainment value to spend time on. 

02 - Usagi Drop
It was very, very, very good before I read the manga. 
So if you're going to watch, don't read the manga beforehand, it spoils the fun. 

01 - Natsume Yuujinchou San 
Natsume is always adorable and awesome and it has yokai and there's going to be a fourth season guys. A FOURTH. 
You should watch it. (But don't read the manga or it spoils the fun a little too)

So my general impression? Disappointed. Either I become too hard to please or this season was really weak.