Friday, October 14, 2011

[1st episode]Un-Go

One of the two Noitamina thing of the season, the first I've seen and, I'll tell you right now, my favorite. Only that Last Exile thing and Coppelion (if it still exists since we haven't uncovered the mystery yet)

So, what's Un-Go, with such a name you'd expect some futuristic thing about aliens and such. You're wrong, it's a mystery anime, set in the near future yes but without the aliens.
Or maybe (s)he's one?

Aside from the very annoying and a bit too innocent girl who probably will be a recuring character (even if I truly hope she won't) I have to say I quite like the characters.
The detective/assistant couple has been done and re-done, that one is rather classic in its execution, they're hiding their real relationship and get along rather well for a human/surnatural being couple. Aside from the little panda (for convenience I'll call that ... thing the little panda) the human is pretty generic and surrenders easily to politics, it's like he doesn't care at all for his reputation.
I can't help but wondering what their goal is because as things stand, they're not gaining anything from the mysteries.

I have to say that, so far, it is a nice mystery anime. Much better than what we've recently seen on screen. For once, even though the solution was obvious from the moment Rie fainted, it didn't bother me. They gave the viewer the elements to solve the mystery and then laid out the whole thinking process while examining fake solutions. It even put politics into the pictures.
I really liked that. When compared to other recent detective stuff, Gosick didn't show all the necessary elements to solve the mystery and KamiMemo showed them so much it was pissing me off whenever they couldn't seem to put things together, in that aspect Un-Go did a very good job.

The only problem I have had with that episode was the pace. I barely had the time to register it was starting that it was already finished. I hope they're going to fix that, it could have been a bit slower.
But I guess that's the sign I was bored so I should be happy?

I have hopes for that thing, mostly because it's adaptated from a novel, an already old novel, I'm not saying that what's old is superior, I just wanted to point out that since it's old and still remembered then there's something worthy of interest to it.
The only problem left now is how they'll adapt it because no matter how good or bad the original material is, an adaptation is only an adaptation.