Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[1st episode] Chihayafuru

It's finally the middle of the week, the moment when there's nearly no anime broadcast or if there are they're re-runs. I'll complain again about my boredom next week I promise.

Until then, let's talk about Chihayafuru, another one that didn't make it to my initial watchlist but managed to catch me off guard.
It's the story of a high school girl, dubbed the "beauty in vain", because she's beautiful but kind of a klutz, add to that that her greatest passion is karuta, quite a rare card game and you'll get what that anime is about.
(On the other hand I understand the passion, I once played a game similar to karuta except with regular cards and it's quite entertaining and pulls you into it quite easily)

Another slice of life anime.
A josei on top of that.
Not that I particulary mind, it's just that I'm afraid I'll get fed up of the genre real fast. What's with the slice of life trend to start with?

Anyway, I quite like the main character so far, she really kicks ass, and she already did as a child.
We don't know much about the main two boys yet but I hope they'll be a bit interesting too.
Granted, the black haired one must be at least a bit, his goal is to become the world top karuta player. That's quite the original dream isn't it?

All in all not exciting but not bad either. Will probably continue to watch.