Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #20

*the smart introduction has been eaten by a hungry tamayura*
Hell, these things need to eat too don't they?

- Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai : That was a bit more boring than last week, while I love the dynamics between Sena and Yozora I want something else. Introduce that stalker character and quick or I'll get bored. (Ok, I was a bit bored in that episode)

- Persona 4 : Leaked subs or not the quality was crappy. (I just HAD to watch the French subs when I saw it on an English speaking site ^^)
I might as well have watched it RAW, we learnt so many things and so many things happened (<-- that was irony) that I was a bit bored. (I think I'm getting bored easily lately ^^)

- Tamayura Hitotose : Well, it's slice of life, to me, it's not exactly the most exciting genre out there, so yeah a bit boring too, but I really liked the talk Potte had with the big sister at the end. I think the big sister is one of my favorite character, with the crazy teacher because I had one like him and yeah, he's worth of admiration.

- Idolm@ster : That was fun? Once again, I really admire people who blog about this.

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Onodera starts to piss me off a bit.

- HunterxHunter : I like Kurapika.

- Fate/Zero : I am very disappointed by the lack of Caster and Ryuunosuke.
Aside from this, I, once again, enjoy the interaction between Waver and his servant, I liked the one between Iris and Saber as well and like Saber more in this version than usual.
And I like Kiritsugu and his twisted side hidden behind his ideals.
It's getting more and more interesting.

- Bakuman : I'm not much of a fan of Nakai and Aoki and I didn't particulary like that part of the manga either.
At least I got to see Fukuda? (Though I'd like to see Hiramaru and Yoshida much more but well ^^)

- Beelzebub : There was Blue Rose!

- Ben-To : I am convinced that the number of times I facepalm at this is correlated to how much I enjoy the episode.
Because, strangely enough, I loved it. I thought it was ridiculous and adorable, random and beautiful.
Go figure. Hello there guilty pleasure!