Sunday, October 2, 2011

[1st episode] Fate/Zero

Last post of the day before I get swamped under more construction work (which doesn't mean you shouldn't expect stuff tomorrow, I still have the Sunrise Saturday timeslot to review)

It's kinda hard to summarize that anime, if you know Fate/Stay Night you know it's a prequel to it.
If you don't know, well, it's about battles of magicians summoning heroes from past eras to fight against each other to obtain the Holy Grail to have a wish granted.

Quite long first episode, not that it feels at all like 45 minutes. Really, time went fast.
Second very important stuff to note : this is actually quite good.
See, I didn't like Fate/Stay Night very much. I didn't hate it but wasn't a fan either and stopped watching the movie halfway through because I was bored. So my expectations were low.
I'm surprised. This is good.
Probably mainly because there's no annoying Shiro.

As you may have guessed, I didn't want to watch it and if I did it's only because I heard Kajiura Yuki was doing the soundtrack. As expected it's wonderful. And as expected she found something new to add to her usual style.
Second reason why I thought I'd give it a try was because I heard Urobuchi Gen was involved. It shows.
Probably not a good thing for everyone though. If you are araid of insects. Stay away.

To sum everything up, and even if that episode only introduces the characters, their relation and the general situation, I really enjoyed myself.
No previous knowledge of the serie is necessary either. It was a good first episode.