Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #18

First edition of the now famous corner featuring the anime of the Fall season 2011. Man, time goes fast doesn't it?
It's nearly Barnaby's birthday Halloween too ...

As usual, beware of spoilers if you're not up to date with things!

Same goes for Soma, damn it I had no idea I missed that show so much!

- Idolm@ster : I don't remember what happened ...

- Boku Ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai : Quite enjoyable They went slower than I expected them to in the introductions.

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Don't judge me. I know it's essentially bad, but that's why it's addicting, and taken as a comedy it's funnier than most of them.
I had an epiphany during that episode too, but, the one hated by everyone, the one who puts himself in between the "two fated lovers", well, want to know something? He may be the one who's the less of a jerk in the whole serie.

- HunterxHunter : Less boring than the first episode, I think I'm going to keep on watching after all. If only for Leorio's hilarious faces.

- Bakuman : No matter how I look at it, the one who did the cast for the voice actors in that one has a problem. The only 3 I feel are a perfect match are Koyasu Takehito as Yoshida-shi, Suwabe Junichi as Fukuda (I even predicted it ^^) and Morita Masakazu as Hiramaru (and it's only because I now know he can pull the most unexpected roles). The rest is hard to listen to. I've grown used to most of them but it still doesn't feel right.
Anyway, I don't know what to say about the serie, I read the manga I know what's going to happen since it's quite a faithful adaptation.

- Fate/Zero : Excuse me while I fangirl over Uryuu Ryunosuke and Bluebeard. I have found my favorite characters!
Another really great episode, I'm so happy I gave this a chance, not regretting it a single second.