Friday, October 28, 2011

Guilty Crown 03 - What are friends when there are idols?

Trying to wrap my head around the fact that I may not post a Penguindrum impression this week because said Penguindrum was probably the less impressive episode since the serie started I decided I'll post about Guilty Crown instead.
Because posting about Guilty Crown is making fun of every possible aspect of the episode.

Help me, an idol's living in my appartment. 
Talking about Guilty Crown is talking about the two main characters, obviously. It has been established that Inori "looks exactly like a doll". But that's because she has as much personality as a dead frog.
It would also appear, judging from the wonderful dialogue she had with Shu in his appartment that she is only able to perform basic animal functions, mainly, feed, fight and probably fuck. (I know there is no clear evidence for the last aspect but when you tell someone you just met "Use me I'm yours, you are obviously inclined to think that way)

As for Shu, his precious feelings must be protected. He's a poor high school student after all, can't he be happy about anything? Can't he stop worrying for a bit? I mean, he probably cannot help it but his mood swings are annoying, he's all courageous for a second, then change his mind and goes back to be a scaredy cat.

Help me, I'm fabulous. 

This, was probably the highlight of the episode, because Gai, who just broadcast an announcement about the existence of Funeral Parlor and who's probably the most wanted criminal at the moment goes around, meet a high schooler whom I wouldn't trust and is probably having meetings with important people or he wouldn't wear that kind of clothes (As noted by Shu in this very insightful piece of dialogue "Thanks for coming." "You have great clothes") 
Which puts even more emphasis on the fact that, even if he's fabulous, I don't understand how this character thinks, I don't see the logic behind his actions. At all. 

I do understand why he warned Shu though, after all he has more to loose than him and he might have thought it would bring Shu to his side. 

Help me, my best-friend tried to kill me. 

Since he was warned by Gai who possess the mysterious power of seeing people's Voids without physical contact (I still don't quite understand how the hell this works, even with the rules laid before my eyes) Shu embarks on a journey to find the mysterious student who saw him on that fated day.

On the road to a shocking truth he finds people whith hearts shaped (because that's apparently what a Void is) like a vase, pliers or a fridge. And the only thing he finds relevant to be surprised about is that Inori's is a sword. He saw weirder.

Anyway, much to everyone surprise, actually it was so obvious I thought they couldn't have done it on purpose and almost didn't believe it, the guy who saw them is one of his bestfriend, whatever his name was.
And, as the anime was about to close on a very sweet moment "I felt like I've met him for the first time", said best friend pushes him in the arms of the very bad guy who apparently likes to torture people and ... somewhat acquainted with Shu's mother who works for the bad guys too. Life sure is a bitch isn't it?

And as a conclusion, everything felt forced and  I have to say that the only good thing of the episode (aside from Gai being fabulous) is Miwa Shirow's Inori.