Friday, October 7, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 13 - Sleeping Beauty

It's quite thrilling to blog about an anime weekly. The main reason I usually never do it is because I never have anything interesting to say, on the other hand, Penguindrum does such horrible things to my brain that I need to write about it to sort it up. 
I love that anime. 

So, as expected, Himari is miraculously saved by Sanetoshi, apparently some kind of representative of Fate on Earth, or so I believe. 
Obviously, he doesn't do it out of sheer kindness. Dayo ne~

Why saving Himari? 
They said it was because the longer it lasts the funnier the punishment is. But, what if there's something else? Sanetoshi is quite a twisted character and he appeared twice so far, I'm not too sure I have quite grasped his character yet so everything I'm going to say is subject to caution. 
- Himari is special. That much we know. Being the bride of Fate and all. If I was Sanetoshi I wouldn't want Fate to have a grudge against me. Definitely not. 
- Boshi-sama is his lover. I've been saying countless time that they're probably of the same kind, given their eye color and eyelashes and such. He said he finally found someone of his kind. Himari got into the library, that other person did too. 
Now, either he did something to her when he got rejected and somehow split her personnality into two hats, either there are more of their kind. 
- He's just an asshole who likes playing with people. He's helping Natsume too after all. 

Either way, Sanetoshi probably knows more than we thought. 

The twins
Is it me or doesn't it seem like everything goes by pair? 

See, Kanba and Shoma, the two Black Rabbits, the two idols, two hats. 
I wonder if it has a deeper meaning or if it's just coincidence. 

The apples
You probably noticed for quite some time now that the symbols are different. 
And I have no idea what to make of it. So far, there have been 2 penguins symbols and Sanetoshi's, that makes it 3 symbols. There should be 3 organizations, 3 is too much, 3 doesn't work in that world, one of them has to disappear. 

As usual, it doesn't make more sense than it did last week. 
Which is why I'm enjoying myself quite a lot!