Monday, November 28, 2011

Being a Fujoshi #1 - Defining the monster

Hello there to the first article of a, I hope, long series of article about ... fujoshi. I'm pretty sure you all encountered them during your life in the anime/manga/game/whatever fandom, and I'm pretty sure some of you wonder what the hell is going on in their head.
(See me finally starting to clear my backlog of drafts ^^)

I shall bring responses! Or so I hope. Because, after all, it takes a fujoshi to know one.
Before I start, have a few warnings : obviously there will be questionnable content (I'll avoid putting questionnable images though, since it's harder to avoid than text), if anything seems offensive, it's not, if anything it's a fail attempt at humour and for that I apologize, and, obviously these are only my opinions and you shouldn't assume everyone thinks like me. 


The world of the fujoshi revolves around yaoi. Of course there are differences (for example I only dabble in fanfictions and doujinishi and only have a very limited interest in the rest) but we all agree on one very important point : boy's love is interesting/hot/sexy/whatever.

Gender identification

One of the main defining point of the fujoshi is that the fujoshi is a girl. (If only because, technically, a boy would be called a fudanshi)
To be honest, most of the yaoi lovers out there are girls, there are a few men here and there (probably more lurking around the shadows) but the main crowd are girls.

Random facts 

*The fujoshi's love is not always entirely directed on boy's love, a fushoji can love hentai and yuri just fine.
*Fujoshi's sexual life (or lack of) covers a really wide spectrum. No, they're not all lesbians or young and innocent maidens.
*Ages too cover a really wide spectrum.
*A fujoshi don't always enjoy the sexual part of yaoi, I have friends who're fujoshi and absolutely can't stand any graphic depiction of sex.

Actually, fujoshi are simply girls who enjoy yaoi. Any attempt to find any further common point to the whole group has been faced with failure.