Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #26

One day I'll make a post about what's good in re-watching some anime. Because I'm currently re-watching Tiger&Bunny and can't stop discovering new things.

- Un-Go : Quite an enjoyable episode, probably the best so far as I didn't know who the culprit was.
And I still love Kazamori. Especially the scene in the car.

- Guilty Crown : I liked the explosions? (And the numerous S/M references. I'm not kidding, they WERE numerous)
No seriously, I don't think I have ever seen such a bad characterization in my whole life. It would have been a decent episode otherwise.

- BokuTomo : I can't believe how far Sena's obsession for Seiken no Blacksmith or whatever the eroge was called is going. But it's amusing.

- Persona 4 : After the Persona introduction we're going into full blown romance setting mode? Do not like.
Though I did like Narukami's flustered side quite a lot.

- Idolm@ster. Ritsuko is moe. Which I think was the whole point.

- Sekaiichi Hatsukoi : Much better than Chiaki's episodes. I like seeing the story advance but I don't want the drama. I'm watching this to laugh damnit!

- Fate/Zero : I'm kinda sad there was no Waver and Iskandar this week.
And having Caster's identity revealed further actually pleases me.

- Working : Nakamura Yuuichi *__*
And I love Yamada even more for being the one who ultimately brought him there!

- HunterxHunter : Cooking <3

- Beelzebub : Man, that teacher is like Yankumi! <3

- Gundam AGE (since this week I'm up to date) : I'm still wondering how old are supposed to be Flit and the rest. I wish they'd be older and I wish for another character design. For very wrong reasons.
Still, my point stands. And why the hell are they allowed to wander on their own in a military ship? I understand for Flit but the rest is another story.
Oh well, whatever, I'll just turn my brain off.

- Ben-To : It's less enjoyable when there's plot.

- Bakuman : I don't like that hospital arc.
At least I know I'll get to hear Hiramaru at some point right?