Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kuuki's crazy anime watchlist corner desuu~ #31

I am currently facing a blogger's crisis, it's not even about the lack of inspiration, my problem is the lack of motivation. I have lots of posts drafted but don't feel like finishing any of them.

- Gintama : I tried to, I really did, but I can't even begin to find the beginning of a summary of what I watched. This is probably one of the most memorable anime episode ever made.

- Nurarihyon no Mago : We're entering the final fight arc, I hate this kind of arc, it's always too long and boring.

- Chihayafuru : It suddenly occured to me that I never ever had pork buns. I want to!

- Kimi to Boku : So adorable! They're all so adorable.
I love the twins. And despite a slow start I really love this anime too!

- Tamayura : Nice reflection about life and hobbies. Kinda sad in a way.

- Phi Brain : No Gammon = not fun.

- Mirai Nikki : Really liked that part in the manga, I find the kid adorable.

- Fate/Zero : I have forgotten this last time, I thought Caster would be defeated, I'm very happy he wasn't. I thought Kayneth would be defeated too, I'm not so happy he wasn't.