Friday, November 4, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 17 - Penguins vs. Octopus(es)

After having spent the last 22 years free of any broken bones I had to go and break ... my pinky. Don't laugh, I know full well how ridiculous the whole situation is.

Beside, it's not like I should complain, there's much worse happening ...

But, back to the topic at hands. Let's start to make theories shall we?

The Takakura 
It's not like I have much to say on the subject this week. Just that we're once again kindly reminded of the fact that things may not be as they seem and it would take just a little push for everything to fall apart. Quite sad.
Second thing I have to note is how worried for the brothers I am. Strangely enough, I'm not at all worried for Himari, but the brothers are a completely different matter.

The evil couple

As we all thought, they're not really married because they love each other, mostly because they hate the same thing, mainly, the Takakura. And Tabuki isn't as nice as he seems to be. Quite obviously again. For that I'm not surprised.
At the same time, and surrounding them and Momoka, they introduced the concept of truth in this episode, and I think that's quite interesting.
I don't know what they really intended by mentionning that tidbit of information about Momoka being maybe not dead and then going on about truth, but I'm looking forward to the explanations (if explanations there will be)

Were other people noting the similarities between that episode and the whole flashback about Yuri? Did you notice they were building a strang tower? I'm almost ready to assume the elevator ride is going to Yuri's old appartment.
Fate is a circle, the place where ultimately everything started for Yuri is the place she has to finish everything. I still wonder where Tabuki stands in that thought.

The Penguindrum. 
And the secret has been revealed, quite obviously again, the diary is not the Penguindrum! Even though she didn't say it clearly, I think it's safe to assume the Penguindrum isn't the diary. But I still do think the diary is necessary to create an alternative to the current Penguindrum.
Because in my theory the Penguindrum is Shoma.

Which would make the most sense if you think about it. Remember, the Takakura mother only gave birth to ONE kid. In this episode Kanba said he couldn't when Boshi-sama mentionned who/what was the Penguindrum and I think he meant he couldn't sacrifice Shoma as long as there is an alternative to save Himari.
Which could also mean that, it's all Momoka's fault and that her Project M actually succeeded and that Shoma is the result.