Friday, November 11, 2011

Mawaru Penguindrum 18 - All's end that ends well ... probably

As I struggle, like I do every other day in my life, to make myself understood by the people around me (strangely enough, only the people in the internet, to whom I speak mostly, ironically, in a foreign language, seem to understand what I mean), Penguindrum continues to build its story pretty much flawlessly (Though I reserve my judgment for the last episode ^^)

Not so strangely, this episode doesn't solve anything at all, again, and no further clue is given about the Penguindrum, or the diary. As expected.

What it gives on the other hand is an insight on Tabuki's past. Obviously he has had a traumatizing past. Obviously Momoka saved him.
I was surprised about the backstory of his fngers and a bit disappointed it wasn't as I thought and he sacrificed them for the sake of making the diary predictions come true.

To be honest, I don't really know what to say about this episode, in the end, nothing really "important" happened, it was mostly an excuse to make a Tabuki episode.
There are still a few noticeable things in that episode.

- Yuri's tormentor was her father. Tabuki's one was his mother. I find that somewhat interesting.

- Kanba's badass. We still don't know what these men in black are but Kanba's badass!

- Only Himari's penguin seems to be somehow useful. Kanba's apparently think he should prioritize hiding his porn magazines over helping. On the other hand, Kanba always helps his penguin and I find that really adorable.

- Shoma is useless. When called for help he comes late and all he can do instead of taking everyone to the hospital is hug them. But it was pretty beautiful. (Especially since they're not all related)

(And last but not least, the endcard was beautiful and now I have found both of Lily Hoshino's Twitter accounts I can stalk all I want <3 And rejoice whenever she posts a fanart <3)