Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why I loved Gokujo

I am completely aware of this being a pretty impopular opinion. Hell, I don't even know how many of you actually watched Gokujo. However, I think it's a mistake. 
When I started I expected something absolutely awful and so completely directed at a male audience that I'd feel put off (I shouldn't under-estimate my love for everything perverted)
Well, you've seen the promo picture right? 

As much as making an anime in all-girls school screams for yuri (which it is actually) and for perverted situations, it's actually played quite well, or at least, much better than I thought. 

Here is why I loved Gokujo (despite having tried not to)

#1 No censorship
At least, no censorship aside from the episodes that couldn't air on TV (which I honestly understand)
Before, all anime that made me try them because of their supposed pervertdness had so much sex scenes or juste naked bodies that censorship was everywhere. Gokujo has none because we actually see nothing and I thought that was quite well played.

#2 The pervertness level is incredibly high
I am not sure I need to explain that one, but, despite showing no naked bodies, this thing is, out of hentai and the likes, one of the most perverted thing I have ever seen. 
Special mention for François the toothbrush and ping pong balls. (I'll never see any of these normally anymore)

#3 I actually liked the characters
Yes, I did. Even the main one (though I have a soft spot for chief delinquant the school nurse and subordinate n°1 Aya-chi's older sister)
Because they actually get some character development, especially the main one, quite rare for such an anime. 

#4 The yuri
I love yuri, need more than that? 

Now if you're looking for plot you'd better not watch, though there is a tiny bit of a hint in the yuri love story department. But otherwise, if you're interested by all the reasons I listed, then by all means, do watch