Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[1st episode] Zetman

Hey, hey, here is something highly anticipated by a lot of people (Hello T&B Bros, you should watch this after this morning's war~), talked about by a lot of people, read by a lot of people (Mwahaha it's licensed in France :p), and ... that will end up disappointing lots of people. 

Zetman is kind of a super hero seinen story, Jin is a gifted boy that can transform at will as a "Player" a genetically transformed monster, once used for the entertainment of the upper class, now trying to mingle among the humans. 
Obviously Jin is special. 

The only problem is that I know all that because I have read the manga, or at least the first few volumes. As such, I don't really think this was a good first episode. I didn't get the story! 
I know Jin is special but I don't know exactly how.

I can't say it's a bad adaptation though, rather, it's a good one, and that's the problem. Usually, the problem in too-true-to-the-original adaptations is that they're boring, here it's not, at least that's a good point you'll say. But it's still a very bad way to get someone sucked in the anime. Even getting used to the characters is totally pointless since it's obvious they'll age in the next episode. They honestly should have just skipped most of what happened, just a quick recap about his past and be done with. It's important for his personality development I get it, it's bad for the pace of the anime though. 

I can't really say anything about the music, it didn't really do anything to me. I can't really say anything about the voice acting either since they'll change to their grown-up versions in the next episode. All I can say is comment on how I'm sick to hear Romi Park as young boys, she's good, but it's always her, at least Sawashiro Miyuki manages to voice them a little bit more differently.
And I still love Yusa Kouji as evil characters. 

In the end, the thing that strikes me the most is that even Tiger&Bunny was closed to Masakazu Katsura's original design, which is sad. (Also, they aired the same day at a one year interval, we refuse to believe it's a coincidence)

All I can say is that Zetman is a good manga. As for the anime, I'll wait, I suggest you give it a shot though, just in case it's really good.