Thursday, April 12, 2012

[1st episode] Kuroko no Basket

And again something I didn't want to even try, hopefully the last one, hopefully the last one of today's batch as well. 

Kuroko no Basket is, hell I don't even really know how to describe it, it's the story of a basketball team and of Kuroko, a legendary shadow player.

Well, it's the first episode of a sport anime, what can I say? It shows the key players and the additional side characters and how they all play together as a team, the rest will be composed of how they'll win. 
The way it's done isn't original either, using the excuse of a new school year to do it, as usual. 
They're all kinda special too, even the girl, only the captain seems like a normal guy even if he is really good. 

I almost don't have anything else to say. 
I do like the characters, especially the big guy coming from America, he's strangely endearing. 

Following, obviously, now I'm caught in it, exactly why I usually avoid sport anime, they are impossible to drop and they make me want to play whatever sport it is about. Not to mention I was actually pretty good at basketball, but mostly because no one paid attention to me, like Kuroko XD

(I'm also curious about the male and general not fujoshi crowd opinion on this anime, because it's fujoshi that made me watch and it's nearly the only ones I have seen mentioning it, so, enlighten me?)